Do yourself a favour…….

As our iconic Australian, Molly Meldrum would say…. do yourself a favour and go and check  out the wonderful Stitched & Bound exhibition held at the Zig Zag gallery in Kalamunda.

Pat Forster was there today and had these words to pass on, ” The exhibition is stunning. A lot of strong colours and some muted ones too.”

The opening is at 2pm tomorrow,  so what are you waiting for!!.  Exhibition is open until October 27th,  you may also like to make the most of your visit to the beautiful hills area of Perth and  visit some of our  preferred suppliers within close range of the exhibition.

A perfect day out, wonderful quilts, inspiration and a little bit of shopping.

zig zag.jpg

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Stitched & Bound at Zigzag Gallery


phil 1


This wonderful exhibition opens on October 11th and runs until October 27th.

Don’t miss seeing this exhibition and whilst you are in the area you may like to visit some of our sponsor shops who are located in or near this part of Perth

Our sponsors can be found here on our WAQA web page.


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Introducing Alex

My name is Alex Witteveen and I have been quilting since 2007 when my husband and I lived for a year in the US.  I had the privilege to learn the craft in Fredrick, Maryland in a small quilt shop in a beautiful heritage house. I learned a lot about the civil war and the quilting history of the area.

When we moved back to Australia, my mother in law Tiiu Stojanovic took me under her quilting wing. Today I try as much as possible to make time for quilting but with working as a primary relief teacher, having my own tutoring business and two children there seems to be not enough hours in a day. I have recently taken the plunge and learned English paper piecing, love how easy it is to take it anywhere. I do love social media and how it inspires me with quilting but also with teaching and parenting.

This is why I volunteered for this position and I hope I can help inspire you and inform you of all that is happening  in our quilting community.


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Royal Show Wrap Up

Thank you to Norma for words and pictures, and who has worked tirelessly as our Royal Show representative.

Congrats to all the winners and to everyone who entered and kept this part of the Royal Show alive for many years to come.



BEST EXHIBIT-PATCHWORK QUILTING                                                                                                  

Carole Pianto -Hand Quilted

Quilt- Beginner/Novice

1st-2nd-3rd was not awarded

Theme- Oranges and Lemons (Citrus)

1st   Kaye Watson

2nd  Cecillia Dihalu

3rd  Elizabeth Pervan


1st    Kerry Moore

2nd   Shannon French

3rd   Kaye Watson

Quilt – Predominately Appliqué

1st    Dawn Trainor

2nd   Julie McAllister

3rd   Ross Ellis


Quilt-Hand Quilted

1st   Carole Pianto

2nd  Kaye Gauci

3rd  was not awarded

Wall Hanging or Small Quilt

1st   Janine Judge

2nd  Cecillia Dihalu

3rd  Elizabeth Pervan

Patchwork/ Quilted Article

1st   Ross Ellis

2nd  Debra Costarella

3rd  Kerry Moore

Modern Quilt

1st   Emma Kirk

2nd  Kerry Moore

3rd  Tracey Bareli

Two – Person Quilt

1st   Tracey Bareli quilted by Judy Nolan

2nd  Miriam Wardle quilted by Judy Bland

3rd  Debra Costarella quilted by Kinnie Patterson


royal show

Carol Pianto

royal show2

Kerry Moore

royal show3

Dawn Trainor

royal show4

Janine Judge

royal show5

Emma Kirk

royal show6

Ross Ellis

royal show7

Tracey Barelli

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Free motion frenzy

What a fantastic weekend was had by all of us  who attended the Angela Walters workshop.

A big very thank you to WAQA, Michelle at Handcrafters House and our very own workshop co-ordinator, Cherie Mincherton for making this event all come together.

Angela was an absolute stand out as a teacher and had everyone hanging on her last word, she was engaging, knew her subject very, very well and I think everyone went home feeling that they could get the hang of  free motion quilting.

Practice…. practice….practise.

Thanks to Michelle for hosting the workshop at Handcrafters and as for Cherie, it was her last workshop as WAQA Co-Ordinator and it was  a beauty!!

Pictures from the day.



Angela learning some new Aussie slang words to take back home with her.






Angela with Vanessa from Patchwork at Homespun quilts in Willagee.


Tanya from Cotton Rose in Vasse, getting her machine ready for a days freemotion quilting.


Cherie & Angela


Angela & Deb


Janice, Carolina,Vanessa,Cherie,Tanya Meg & Angela.


Angela & Lorraine

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AGM & Angela Walters = Awesome

What a fantastic turn out on Wednesday night for our AGM.  Nearly all positions have been filled, with the exception of a few and I am sure our President Leone will keep us all updated.  So it’s a big thanks to everyone who have taken on the vacated roles and a big thanks to those who fulfilled these roles, some for a number of years and for those who are continuing in their positions, you know what it is all about, so continue to ENJOY!!  I am sure we will get to know  our new committee members in the not too distant future.

One very special member Gail Bayley, who everyone knows is just the most giving person in the world, stepped down from her position as Community Quilts Co-Ordinator and was awarded with the Golden Services award, for her contribution to WAQA,  She received a very beautiful framed embroidery, that was made by Beverley McDonnell, our Association secretary.

Once the formalities were completed we had a very entertaining talk and show and tell by Angela Walters who is here courtesy of WAQA and Handcrafters House.  No AGM is complete without refreshments and Carla and her mum Jeanette, excelled themselves.   Big thanks to Cherie Mincherton, who also had a lot of input with Angela being in WA and also  the co-ordinating of the weekend workshops.

Some very interesting tips given by Angela: if you are quilting a white background quilt and have lots of colours to deal with as well, use a very pale yellow thread for the quilting, it seems to blend in with the background and doesn’t stand out so much in the colours.  Angela also usually matches the top and bottom threads so there is no problem if there is a small tension issue.

Lots of photos to scroll through, enjoy.  Thank you to Deb for extra pics and Kerry Moore for some extra wording.   Go and get yourself a cold or hot bevvy, lots of pics!!


A captive audience!


Enjoying our wonderful supper courtesy of Carla & Jeanette.



Jeanette, Carla, Michelle and Jeremy; Angela’s hubby



Michelle Pearson, from Handcrafters House, WAQA diamond sponsor pictured with Deb Costerella ( WAQA PR and marketing consultant)



Cherie Mincherton, Meg Hutchison and Angela Walters.


Meg , Cherie, Lorraine & Gail


Out with the old committee

The show begins





Grandfather Ford, who started Angela on her quilting journey. ( Jeremy’s Grandfather)







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Stitched & Bound Exhibition-Kalamunda

stitch pic.jpg

Stitched and bound 2019 is a juried exhibition of innovative contemporary art quilts and is open to textile artists residing in Western Australian.

It will be the twelfth; self-funded, juried exhibition curated by Western Australian Quilters Association and will be at the Zig Zag Gallery.

It will showcase work of Western Australian textile artists who use the medium of layering textiles as a vehicle for exploring and responding to the social and cultural landscape they inhabit.  Subjects chosen by previous entrants have included philosophy, politics, history, humour, memories and the natural world.  The surface design techniques included dyeing, printing, painting crochet, knitting, weaving, felt making and exploration of pattern, design and materiality of cloth.

Exhibition contacts                


Web            and



Important dates      

October 11-27                       Exhibition

October 12                              Exhibition official opening at 2pm



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Patchwork Premier

Now you may not be big on politics or politicians, but I always think it is great when the Premier of WA is visiting a local tennis centre, close to where our Beginner group meet and sews, and decides to take some time out of his very busy schedule to call in and say hello.

As what happened recently,  at Alexander Park Craft House Menora, when the Premier of WA, Mr.Mark McGowan called in for a chat.

Phil who runs our beginner group said it was a wonderful surprise and that the Premier was very interested in all aspects of what the group were up to.




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Mt.Magnet & Murchison Magnificence

Quilts made for the Mount Magnet Astro Rocks Fest next weekend (Sep 20-22) are ready to go. Some depict or reference landscapes that are linked to Aboriginal night-sky narratives. Others depict or reference rocky landscapes in the Murchison that hold significance for Aboriginal people. The purpose of the quilt project is to foster better appreciation of Aboriginal history and culture, through exhibiting and talking about the quilts. Three presentations have been made, one at a Rotary Breakfast, another at a Tourism Workshop for people in that industry, and a third at Contemporary Quilt Group. The quilts will be exhibited and for sale with paintings by Aboriginal artists, at their Wirnda Barna Gallery in Mount Magnet. Most quilts are included on the poster below. WAQA members Stella King, Pat Forster, Liz Humphreys and Meg Cowey have organised and made quilts for the project. Roberta Chantler, Hilary Arber, Stephanie Knudsen and Virginia O’Keeffe also contributed quilts. More about the quilts can be found on the web – search on Mount Magnet Quilt Project.

poster final

Thank you to Pat Forster for the above words. Well worth a visit, especially with all our wonderful wild flowers on show,  adding to a wonderful exhibition.

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Sensory Quilts required

Words by Gwen Parry.  If you can assist in any way please contact Gwen, as per details below.  Or catch up with Gwen at sewing day/night in September, October or November if you have a quilt to donate or require more information.  Our meetings are held at Stirling Adriatic Centre, Jones Street in Stirling, Western Australia.  You can check out the dates and times on our webpage below.

‘Enactus’, a group of volunteers at UWA have asked for our help. They are developing a programme to engage young people in the sewing and production of “Sensory Quilts” for use by people with Dementia / Alzheimer’s. Unfortunately, they are unlikely to meet their 2019 target of producing 100 such quilts and so have asked for our help to make some.

Sensory / Fidget / Busy quilts are featured on many sites on Pinterest or Google with inspiration and how -to instructions. The Busy quilts provide a soothing sensory experience and a safe way to occupy fidgety hands.

* The quilts should be close to 25”x25” finished.

*Each quilt should feature fabrics of a variety of textures, colour and type.

* The quilt must be washable.

* All fidget items need to be attached securely so that all parts remain firmly attached.

Enactus is encouraging recycling and reusing so please don’t buy any fabric or notions. I am sure between us we all have plenty to share. I will bring some fabrics on Sept sewing day / night.

Enactus is in short supply of quilts suitable for men

I would therefore ask you to have fun and make one, two or a dozen. I will collect at sewing day/night in Sept, Oct , Nov .

Thank you on behalf of Enactus and the sensory quilt recipients.

Gwen Parry ( 0437907072 or

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