Community Quilters are all heart

The West Australian Quilters’ Association Inc. have very kindly donated 15 beautiful quilts for our Palliative Care Unit. They will look lovely on the patient beds and help make the rooms welcoming.

They have also donated an exquisite pale green quilt for the Bethesda Volunteers to raffle at their upcoming craft raffle and stall in the hospital foyer on 22-26th July.

Pictured here is Gail Bayly – Community Quilts Coordinator from WA Quilters holding the quilt to be raffled, with the stack of donated quilts at her feet.

A huge thank you to everyone in The West Australian Quilters Association Inc. for their beautiful handiwork and extreme kindness.gail

All of these wonderful quilts were donated to Bethesda Health Care.  Great work everyone.

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We love our newbies at Beginners

The WAQA Beginner group has grown since QuitWest with five newbies at the last meeting. Great to see them all produce their first strip by the end of the lesson. Good to have a new teaching aide, Susan Sheath to help with the tricky questions.


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Inspiring Friday

Some of CQG members showed their work that was exhibited in the latest QuiltWest. Pat Forster, Meg Cowey, Helen O’Hara, Sharon Brown, Ross Ellis and Jan Rowe gave us some insights into the work behind their art pieces

ross 1




I am disappointed that I couldn’t make the Friday meeting and wish to thank Nat for providing me with words and photos.  Ross also showed the group some of his stunning embroidery pieces as well.  I am fairly sure there is nothing that this man can not do well.

Many of Ross’s pieces are patchwork/embroidery that are sewn on to clothing, and Nat asks the question, ….”fashion that inspires….what came first the fashion or the patchwork? Nat spent some time living in Vietnam and has some clothing in her wardrobe featuring many aspects of patchwork and embroidery, that she had made whilst living there.  If you “google” Chula” fashions, you will have an understanding of how Nat’s question came about.




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Stitched & Bound 2019- now is the time!

June 30th is the entry deadline.

We invite you to accept the opportunity to enter stitched and bound 2019 for innovative contemporary quilts.

stitched and bound 2019 is a juried exhibition of innovative contemporary art quilts and is open to textile artists residing in Western Australian.

It will be the twelfth; self-funded, juried exhibition curated by Western Australian Quilters Association and will be at the Zig Zag Gallery.

It will showcase work of Western Australian textile artists who use the medium of layering textiles as a vehicle for exploring and responding to the social and cultural landscape they inhabit.  Subjects chosen by previous entrants have included philosophy, politics, history, humour, memories and the natural world.  The surface design techniques included dyeing, printing, painting crochet, knitting, weaving, felt making and exploration of pattern, design and materiality of cloth.

Conditions of Entry and Entry Forms are now available online.

Web            and


Exhibition contacts                



Exhibition is held October 11-27th



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Dainty Doilies & delicious morning tea

Black Boy Hill Quilters held there annual Cancer Big morning tea on Friday. We
welcomed 3 new members who were introduced to us through the Open Night.
To add a little something to the morning tea we asked our members to
bring along their best china cup and saucer. Also a doily from their
treasure chest. We displayed these on a black cloth then asked the
member to tell us their story. They came from a few different countries
and were all different. It was a great way also to learn a little more
about our members. One member brought along a table cloth she had put
together using handkerchiefs. You know the ones we used to get given as
a gift but were quite in practical to use. She folded them into a
triangle and sewed them around the edge of a table cloth. It sparked
quite a conversation piece. Another member is sewing her collection of
doily’s into a quilt. ( a work in progress)

A great morning tea was had by all who attended



Thank you Cathie, for keeping us up to date on what your group is up to, it’s great to share these stories with our readers.


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The show must go on!!

Once the doors of the convention centre were closed to the public, it was the turn of our amazing helpers and QuiltWest committee to start the hard work of getting the Exhibition down in time for members to pick up there quilts.

Yet, after putting every quilt in their bags, it was not over for the committee, they still had to pack up all the stands, fold the drop cloths, pack up the hooks in size, pack the poles, dismantle displays and ring the raffle winners.  All this had to be attended to before posts were sent to social media and photos to website.

They then had to be back at the convention centre on the Monday Morning to help load all the equipment and unload back at the storage centre.

This was all done with a smile knowing that the exhibition was a success .

Now it is time for you to consider helping next year.  QuiltWest for 2020 is looking for a new leader and several committee for QuiltWest to be an ongoing success into the future.

If we don’t get any help there will not be an exhibition.  Many hands make light work.  Some of our current committee have been helping for last 4 years and need a rest.  Please, please help us to keep this exhibition going.




Words by Cathie Gamble & images by Natalia Tasovac.

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Quiltwest – Final

The last of my photos and comments from this years Quiltwest. Enjoy!

new 656

The contemporary quilt ladies were in full swing . This is their challenge which was called “letters”. This group is always full of inspiration!

It is also wonderful to see up close many of the winning quilts from this year’s Australian Quilt convention held in Melbourne.  I also really enjoyed looking at the quilts again from AQC that depicted the theme, “Magic”


new 677



new 679


Always a pleasure to run into these ladies!

new 744

Penny Atkins, Julie McAllister & Meg Cowey

new 747

Rosalie Sutton and Ginny work tirelessly with the Young Sew & Sews group, to ensure that the quilting bug will continue for another generation to come.

pat 2

Last but not least, our AMAZING Quiltwest team, along with volunteers who make it all happen for us to enjoy!!

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Quiltwest Part 2

I hope you have all been having a look on WAQA facebook page, two albums have been created of the quilts that either won or were highly commended in their categories, at Quiltwest 2019

As stated before in my last post, it was wonderful to see so many groups and people at Quiltwest.  Enjoy reading this post of my adventures.

new 503

Helen O’Hara with her quilt, “Antiquity” that got a 3rd place in the Small quilts-Amateur section.

new 501

Helen was also involved in this project where children made their own prayer flags. Pictured here are Lilly and Niamh, who were really enjoying a great day out.

new 470

Didn’t catch you this year, Helen Owens! However saw your award winning quilt “Mary Bridget” First, in traditional quilts amateur. Well done.

new 479

Golden Hexagons by Jennifer Grabsch. 2nd place -Traditional quilts amateur.

new 493

I loved this one too. “Flowering snowball ” quilt by Melinda Storey.

new 494

“Kimberley Adventure” by Cathie Gamble.

new 508

“March of the Robots” by Julie McAllister, Julie’s comment was, “it is a great way to use up scrap fabric.

new 591

Our junior quilters are awesome! I wonder what they will present us with in a few years time. This quilt called “Colour my world” by Tessa Schifferli picked up 1st place in the Student Quiltmaker Junior section. I love it!!

new 532

“Hidden”by Stephanie Knudsden, this was made with a second hand dress as the background and then shot cotton, improv pieced. Very striking.

Please enjoy your Sunday viewing, I still have a few more things to load.

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Don’t be a lonely country quilter

farmCountry Liaison’s Conundrum!

Being a creative in the Country can at times leave you feeling like a black sheep (pardon the pun).

Unfortunately our association’s country member numbers have been dwindling over time and this has me wondering why that may be.

Is what we offer not suitable for country quilters, or is there a lack of knowledge as to what the West Australian Quilters has to offer our Regional Members?

As a little refresher, some of the varied ways that WAQA supports our Country Members are below.

  • Access to our vast library with postage costs covered for you
  • Accredited Teachers with extensive skills in all facets of Quilting available to come and visit you and your Sewing Group for Tuition with the support of our Education coordinator
  • Experienced Judges Available to travel to your local show and Exhibitions to provide professional Judging and Critique.
  • Traveling exhibitions from various WAQA small groups and challenges available for you to display.
  • Opportunities for friendship Sewing Days – We love getting out and about and bringing members to see your local Quilting Shops and sewing groups. There have been some great friendships created and inspiring Show and Tell sessions.
  • Help connecting you with other likeminded quilters in your area at your request.
  • Access to the Quarterly magazine and online monthly newsletter to keep you up to date with WAQA activities.
  • Social media platforms available to advertise your Local Quilting Events.
  • Accommodation billeting for city based workshops, retreats, sewing Days, Nights and Craft shows

If you are a country Member wishing to know further details about the above mentioned activities please email

Or if you know a fellow crafter that is not already a member, you can direct them to our web page  or to our membership team on


Upcoming Country Outreach Events

24th August Wheatbelt Wander & Friendship Stitching Day– A day of friendship and stitching where will take you to see a few more of the amazing Patchwork and craft shops in regional WA. We will visit Northam Craft Centre and Loose Stitches in Quairading.

wheatbelt trip

4th – 6th October Cunderdin Quilting Retreat – a lovely weekend for rest, relaxation and working on personal stitching projects and absorbing that wonderful fresh country air.  Contact information on image below.

cunderdin retreat


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Wow Wow Wow- Part 1

Off I went to the Convention centre on Friday and all I can say is WOW!  Quiltwest committee you have done a fantastic job along with your volunteers in putting this show together.  I loved each and every quilt that was on show, and could stand in front of each one for hours …. dreaming about making one!

Readers, please note : Professional photographs of the winning quilts will be posted on the Galleries drop down box on the WAQA website in the not too distant future.  These are only my personal photos taken on Friday. I will however also be posting some of the photos here as well, so stay tuned.

Great to walk around and chat to lots of people who were also enjoying the show.  Lovely to see so many of our small groups there and have a chat with them and see what they are all up to.  I am sure lots of raffle tickets have been sold, all to aid the Flying Doctor service, I believe the draw is this afternoon, so I have my tickets at the ready.  I have taken lots of photos, so will split them up into a few blog posts.

Quiltwest does not “just happen” lots of hard work behind the scenes, so to everyone who is involved, to everyone who entered a quilt, I say a big THANK YOU, it is one of the highlights of my year to attend .  Enjoy a few photos here .

Hard at work selling raffle tickets

new 450

I don’t think I have every Quiltwest committee member pictured here, however here are a few of the ladies having fun on Friday.

new 452

Jan Rowe award winning quilt, “Two sisters on the terrace”.

new 454


new 456

Jan and her sister Dianne with Jan’s adaptation of Renior’s painting, “Two sisters on the terrace” .  Jan told me there was 5-6 months of piecing, over 1800 pieces and around 65 hours of machine quilting over 25 days.  I hope I have these figures correct as was very quickly scribbling in my notebook!  If you would like to read more about Jan, you can view an earlier blog post where I interviewed Jan about her quilts and her achievements here:-

new 483

Qwen Parry, letting people know, What do you do with all your leftover scraps of wadding and fabric. They had some great ideas that I fully intend to implement!

new 489

new 466

1st Prize- small quilts professional- Elizabeth Humphreys.


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