Block of the month

At sewing night , Pauline did a presentation of Community quilts block of the month.
The blocks are due back on February Sewing Day and Night. The Blocks will be sewn together at the Community Quilts Busy Bee Day which will be  held at Alexander Park Craft House on the 23rd of February starting at 9.30 am.
All members are welcome to come along and join in – we will sew the block of the month as well as plan an make other quilts, make backings for donated tops, and many other happy chores that are associated with quilting.
You can view the pattern here:-
and as always if you wish to become more involved with our Community quilts groups please contact, Cathy or Andrea via email.
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Quilting Skills Day

Community Quilts quilting skills day with Jan Fossard…. quilter extraordinaire!

Jan will offer simple ideas to lift your quilting to the next level!

Her tips for success will include:

  1. All over quilting – use your shapes.
  2. Choose your texture – what goes with what, varying & contrasts.
  3. How to divide spaces.
  4. Plan your path.
  5. Aids and tools that can help.



Lady Fatima Hall  (air conditioned!)

Foss  Street , Palmyra

When :

Saturday 1st of February 2020

9.30am to 3.30pm

Cost:     Free

Participants will quilt a community quilt on the day and will need to complete  two single bed size quilts over the next three months.

Bring a Sweet Sixteen or a domestic machine suitable for quilting. Participants must have a working knowledge of their machine. Bring your threads, notions and your happiest smile. Morning tea, light lunch & afternoon tea will be provided .

Limited places are available , please register with

Cathy on 0406 226 682, Andrea 0417 336 588 or Gwen Parry 0437 907 072 or email



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Shop Hop 2020

Shop Hop 2020 Launch will be happening at Sewing Day, January 21st  & Sewing Night, January 15th

Meg Hutchinson, our wonderful Shop Hop Co-Ordinator will be on hand to give you all the details. Purchase your Shop Hop passport in January and you will pick up bonus points.

shop hop


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How can I help?


KANGAROOAs you know, many parts of our wonderful country have been totally destroyed by bush fires.  Aside from donating cash to the relevant groups, and there are many to choose from, you may also like to do something else.

On my Facebook feed today, I came across a craft group specifically designed to help all of our Aussie animals who are injured due to the devastation of the bush fires. This page was not set up due to the recent fires, but have been in business for a long time assisting animals when they can by having people sew, knit or crochet.

It is a very well set up page, directing you to you to all the patterns, fabric and wool requirements, drop off points as well as many questions and answers.  A traffic light system is also in place, as to what items are most needed at this time.

If you are a facebook follow, you can search for Animal Rescue craft guild or copy the below link into your browser, to be directed to the page.


Thank you.

Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone who have been affected by the bushfires in Oz.

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Contemporary Challenge

Today I am sharing some words and pictures provided by Helen O’Hara of our WAQA Contemporary quilt group.  Thanks Helen.

It was great fun participating in this challenge and I enjoyed being taken out of my comfort zone.  All participants were give some indigenous fabric,kindly donated by Paperback Woman in the Northern Territory.



At our December meeting this month we were treated to a wonderful display of quilts from the WAQA challenge. The winning quilt by Lana Lefroy is above whilst the 2nd place quilt by Gloria Nelson is shown below.








Thank you Helen for sharing.  If you would like to see these pictured  quilts  and all of the other “Challenge” entries up close they will be on display at Quiltwest in 2020.  


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Placemats bring Christmas cheer!

Marianne Hamley  sent these  photos as she delivered our WAQA placemats yesterday to some very happy recipients. She delivered 53 to Gordon Lodge and 102 to Alice Rose King Centre at RAFA in Bullcreek and another 36 to the Lefroy centre  also in Bullcreek

The residents will have a very bright and merry Christmas  thanks to our generous members.

Words & images courtesy of Gwen Parry, out Outreach Co-Ordinator & Marianne Hamley.

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Stitched & Bound -end of exhibition

The Zig Zag exhibition is over! The Lake Grace exhibition is over! The windup for the stitched and bound 2019 committee is over! But everyone can enjoy the slide show with the works and artist statements at


MosaicThe artist file is also available for download on the stitched and bound blog –  take a peek at the artist profiles and floor talk notes.

Thank you to Pat Forster for words & images.

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Loving Lake Grace

Phil Thomas recently ran her  ” Photo to fabric work shop , as part of the Stitched & Bound country exhibit at the artspace in Lake Grace.

The weekend was enjoyed by all attendees and Phil even had the opportunity to visit a shearing shed whilst in the area.






Remember if you have any “regional retreats/stories you would like to share then please contact me  We love to share “country” stories – Thank you, Lorraine.

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I am sharing a blog post today from Meg at “Our House Quilts” with her permission.  Enjoy the story.

I completed this quilt top several years ago, but somehow did not get around to quilting it.

The top is from one of the Kaffe books, I forget which one, as I didn’t purchase it. The layout is so simple, no instructions were required. Kaffe’s original design was not so strict about value placement – I prefer a more disciplined approach where there is little complexity.

I used a cotton wadding that claims to need no pins or gluing. Instead the heat of the iron, without steam, creates a bond that holds the layers together. To ease the bonding for repositioning, use the iron on steam.

It is a very large (for me) quilt and it barely fitted on my design wall. I sandwiched the quilt backing, wadding and top on the wall and then ironed it. The process worked pretty well. I did pin the edges at about 6″ intervals, and put a few more, perhaps a dozen, in the sashing near the centre of the quilt.

The quilting started from the centre, then I worked my way around the centre, square by square. When that was complete, I stitched in the sashing. I’m trusting it will all hold together, as it was only near the end that I realised the consequences of no quilt stitching crossing a seam.

The no-pinning wading worked pretty well, with only a small amount of ease needed at the edge blocks. The top required repositioning further out. That’s why we cut the backing and wadding larger than the top! The steam iron resolved the issue without trouble.


The backing was a pink floral that complemented the front and cleverly disguised my stitching glitches.

The choice of quilting feathers was very deliberate. They are so forgiving. The blank area of the loops allows for give-and-take with the fabric so that pleating on either the front or the back is rare. Also, I was able to complete a small section before moving on, which meant the quilt was not travelling very far as I stitched. This is an important consideration given the size of the quilt.



At last it is finished.







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Australian Quilts in Public Places

Australian Quilts in Public Places (AQIPP) juried exhibition opened on November 14 in Melbourne and runs until December 21. The theme for the exhibition is Metamorphosis. Pat Forster’s quilt ‘Re-Cognise’ is on display. One might ask, ‘How on earth could the quilt and its title fit the them?’. The statement for the quilt is “Black fabric pieced in the Federation Square tiling pattern, with red and yellow inserts – colours of the Aboriginal flag. Chosen to promote the view that re-Cognising the Australian Federation and Constitution is overdue so that Australia’s First People are recognised”. What a metamorphosis that would be!pat.jpg

Image and words provided by Pat Forster.

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