A big heartfelt thank you from Gail!

WAQA Community Quilts is a large group of committed volunteers who provide their expertise, fabrics and skills to the making quilts as gift for community members suffering chronic illnesses or one of many  the many life challenges we face..  Quilts are giving as an act of caring and support for those in need,  A quit is a gift which the recipient can carry throughout life with them and wrap themselves in it any time life challenges them, knowing the a person or persons whom they have never met care enough about their personal situation to spend time, skill and effort gifting them a beautiful, individual, and  hand made personal gift.

These quilters contribute in a wide range of ways depending upon their own personal situation.  Some make quilts, other quilt tops, some make Block of the Month blocks, while others making backings, quilt the quilts sew on bindings and labels.  There many jobs to be dome and every contribution, no matter how small, makes a difference to the recipient of the quilt.

In my role as co-ordinator over the past three year I have had many heart-warming experiences meeting these quilters and the recipients of their work.  It has been a privilege I wish on everyone who has contributed.  There are the people who are downsizing or moving into care and need to lessen their load, yet the fabric they have has a value to them which may not be reciprocate by family members and they express their joy at knowing we will put their treasure to such good use.  Those who have recently lost loved ones and have no idea what to do with all that fabric and thrilled to know it can be put to such great use. There are those who are overwhelmed by the gift of the quilt.

This week I had a call from Megan.  She simply said Gail can I come over I have a few things for you.  She arrive later in the day with 18 exquisite competed cot/lap sized quilts.  She wanted nothing more than to contribute.  Such is the generosity of WAQA members.

Rhonda, who lives down south, has been quilting for WAQA for at least 7 years to my knowledge and has quilted over 600 community quilts.

Thank you all for your contribution.  I have valued it immensely.  Each of of you who has made a contribution has positively impacted the life of another.

Thank you to all.

Beautiful words and photos submitted to me from Gail Bayly, our WAQA Community Quilts Co-Ordinator.


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Postcards from the Edge

Sharing this post from our wonderful Contemporary group quilters, who meet once a month.

Helen O’ Hara led a very creative activity this month on making fabric postcards – and who doesn’t enjoy glueing bits of fabric to a background?

Addresses were exchanged and hopefully Australia Post will be able to cope with a sudden influx of textile mailing. We look forward to seeing what has arrived in our mail boxes at the next meeting (instruction sheet is on the ‘How To’s page)


Scroll down to see the members in action as they followed Helen’s instructions


In the morning Phil gave a quick demo on shibori folding in readiness for next month’s activity on microwave dyeing. Info sheets and links to shibori folding is on the ‘How To’s’ page of this website. Exactly what to bring will be in the next newsletter…

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Annual Bazaar



With another year passing and many creative brains in the Association’s membership – there is always going to be the odd piece of fabric or a notion that has crept into your stash. Are any of those items taking up a portion of prime real-estate within your perfectly manicured Sewing room storage solutions?

This year the Members Bazaar will be held on Sewing Day and Sewing Night, 17th & 18th September.

It is your opportunity to dust the cobwebs of those unused bits and bobs and offer them up for sale in a great de-stash fashion.

Helpful things to know…

  • We have limited space available especially at sewing day so you will only be able to bring one small table per person to display your wares.
  • There will be no reserved spaces on the day, so if you are wishing to be near a friend please arrive early.
  • Sewing day arrivals are from 8.30am – 9am
  • Sewing night arrivals from 6pm – 6.30pm
  • Please consider having your little stall at Sewing Night along with sewing day. Many of our sewing nights attendees work full time or have other commitments on a Tuesday and it would be lovely to share with them also. It also is a much better sales opportunity for you.
  • You are invited to sell home made goods, notions, tools and fabrics all from your own cupboards. As this intended to support our members, we kindly ask you to refrain from selling commercially offered items.


To register your interest Contact Carla Smales by Text on 0423136009 or at  waqacountry@gmail.com to reserve your space.

Additionally, if you are unable to attend please let me know at your earliest convenience so that your place can be offered to another member.

There are still some spaces left for Sewing night.


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Community Quilters are all heart

The West Australian Quilters’ Association Inc. have very kindly donated 15 beautiful quilts for our Palliative Care Unit. They will look lovely on the patient beds and help make the rooms welcoming.

They have also donated an exquisite pale green quilt for the Bethesda Volunteers to raffle at their upcoming craft raffle and stall in the hospital foyer on 22-26th July.

Pictured here is Gail Bayly – Community Quilts Coordinator from WA Quilters holding the quilt to be raffled, with the stack of donated quilts at her feet.

A huge thank you to everyone in The West Australian Quilters Association Inc. for their beautiful handiwork and extreme kindness.gail

All of these wonderful quilts were donated to Bethesda Health Care.  Great work everyone.

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We love our newbies at Beginners

The WAQA Beginner group has grown since QuitWest with five newbies at the last meeting. Great to see them all produce their first strip by the end of the lesson. Good to have a new teaching aide, Susan Sheath to help with the tricky questions.


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Inspiring Friday

Some of CQG members showed their work that was exhibited in the latest QuiltWest. Pat Forster, Meg Cowey, Helen O’Hara, Sharon Brown, Ross Ellis and Jan Rowe gave us some insights into the work behind their art pieces

ross 1




I am disappointed that I couldn’t make the Friday meeting and wish to thank Nat for providing me with words and photos.  Ross also showed the group some of his stunning embroidery pieces as well.  I am fairly sure there is nothing that this man can not do well.

Many of Ross’s pieces are patchwork/embroidery that are sewn on to clothing, and Nat asks the question, ….”fashion that inspires….what came first the fashion or the patchwork? Nat spent some time living in Vietnam and has some clothing in her wardrobe featuring many aspects of patchwork and embroidery, that she had made whilst living there.  If you “google” Chula” fashions, you will have an understanding of how Nat’s question came about.




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Stitched & Bound 2019- now is the time!

June 30th is the entry deadline.

We invite you to accept the opportunity to enter stitched and bound 2019 for innovative contemporary quilts.

stitched and bound 2019 is a juried exhibition of innovative contemporary art quilts and is open to textile artists residing in Western Australian.

It will be the twelfth; self-funded, juried exhibition curated by Western Australian Quilters Association and will be at the Zig Zag Gallery.

It will showcase work of Western Australian textile artists who use the medium of layering textiles as a vehicle for exploring and responding to the social and cultural landscape they inhabit.  Subjects chosen by previous entrants have included philosophy, politics, history, humour, memories and the natural world.  The surface design techniques included dyeing, printing, painting crochet, knitting, weaving, felt making and exploration of pattern, design and materiality of cloth.

Conditions of Entry and Entry Forms are now available online.

Web                     https://stitchedandboundblog.wordpress.com and


Exhibition contacts                

Convenor             waqasandb@gmail.com

Facebook             https://www.facebook.com/stitchedbound

Exhibition is held October 11-27th



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Dainty Doilies & delicious morning tea

Black Boy Hill Quilters held there annual Cancer Big morning tea on Friday. We
welcomed 3 new members who were introduced to us through the Open Night.
To add a little something to the morning tea we asked our members to
bring along their best china cup and saucer. Also a doily from their
treasure chest. We displayed these on a black cloth then asked the
member to tell us their story. They came from a few different countries
and were all different. It was a great way also to learn a little more
about our members. One member brought along a table cloth she had put
together using handkerchiefs. You know the ones we used to get given as
a gift but were quite in practical to use. She folded them into a
triangle and sewed them around the edge of a table cloth. It sparked
quite a conversation piece. Another member is sewing her collection of
doily’s into a quilt. ( a work in progress)

A great morning tea was had by all who attended



Thank you Cathie, for keeping us up to date on what your group is up to, it’s great to share these stories with our readers.


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The show must go on!!

Once the doors of the convention centre were closed to the public, it was the turn of our amazing helpers and QuiltWest committee to start the hard work of getting the Exhibition down in time for members to pick up there quilts.

Yet, after putting every quilt in their bags, it was not over for the committee, they still had to pack up all the stands, fold the drop cloths, pack up the hooks in size, pack the poles, dismantle displays and ring the raffle winners.  All this had to be attended to before posts were sent to social media and photos to website.

They then had to be back at the convention centre on the Monday Morning to help load all the equipment and unload back at the storage centre.

This was all done with a smile knowing that the exhibition was a success .

Now it is time for you to consider helping next year.  QuiltWest for 2020 is looking for a new leader and several committee for QuiltWest to be an ongoing success into the future.

If we don’t get any help there will not be an exhibition.  Many hands make light work.  Some of our current committee have been helping for last 4 years and need a rest.  Please, please help us to keep this exhibition going.




Words by Cathie Gamble & images by Natalia Tasovac.

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Quiltwest – Final

The last of my photos and comments from this years Quiltwest. Enjoy!

new 656

The contemporary quilt ladies were in full swing . This is their challenge which was called “letters”. This group is always full of inspiration!

It is also wonderful to see up close many of the winning quilts from this year’s Australian Quilt convention held in Melbourne.  I also really enjoyed looking at the quilts again from AQC that depicted the theme, “Magic”


new 677



new 679


Always a pleasure to run into these ladies!

new 744

Penny Atkins, Julie McAllister & Meg Cowey

new 747

Rosalie Sutton and Ginny work tirelessly with the Young Sew & Sews group, to ensure that the quilting bug will continue for another generation to come.

pat 2

Last but not least, our AMAZING Quiltwest team, along with volunteers who make it all happen for us to enjoy!!

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