I Love NY!

New York Beauty workshop produced some fabulous results today…

Getting started on NYB workshop

NYB workshop in full swing

Teacher extraordinaire

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Bunbury Challenge at the WA Craft Fair

Also don’t miss the display of the Bunbury Challenge 2017 quilts…

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WAQA at the WA Craft Fair

The WAQA stand at the WA Craft Fair – the theme was ‘everything old is new again’ and gave us the opportunity of showcasing some lovely historical quilts as well as modern day versions.

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Crowd Control for the Tentmakers!

What a fantastic night was had by all who attended the Tentmakers of Cairo presentation last night…

I got there quite early, only to find cars parked out on the street and the hall packed with people. This must be a record for attendance at a general meeting!

Jenny Bowker gave a talk and slideshow about the history of the tentmakers and their life and work, interspersed with lots of hilarious anecdotes. Thanks to Jenny for making this evening so interesting and to the three tentmakers, Hossam, Ahmed and Essam. Also thanks to Kerry Moore, who was instrumental in bringing the tentmakers to Perth and did all the hard work organising the visit.

Please note that although the men were generous in sharing their technique , the wonderful applique designs are copyrighted.

Go to http://www.tentmakersofcairo.com/  for more information

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Second Workshop with the Tentmakers

Today was the second of the Tentmakers workshops and was just as amazing and productive as yesterdays. The speed and skill that is demonstrated is awe inspiring. The gentlemen are delightful teachers and very concerned that everyone is as capable as can be with their piece of work.
Today we gave away another $100 voucher and it went to Sharon Trainor who unfortunately had already gone home feeling less than desirable. There was one kit left over so that too was given away to our membership guru Helen Perlman. Congratulations ladies.

Comments about the workshop were heard along these lines:
Fabulous workshop and day; many thanks for sharing your wonderful talents and traditions with us; Inspiring; thoroughly enjoyed myself; truly enjoyable workshop; I have now found a way to applique that I love….

We are now looking forward with great excitement to see the whole exhibition and to let you come and admire and purchase the quilts.

Thank you to all the 40 attendees at the workshops. You are the ones who made this visit possible. You now have a very special experience to treasure.

Below: Hosam with the design fully drawn on.

Below: Essam with the first part appliqued.

Below: Ahmed and Essam telling the story of the boy, the man and the donkey.

Below: And at the end of the day there is nothing more relaxing than sitting in a yoga position on the floor (the floor being crucial to support the quilt) and stitching on the hanging sleeve. The sleeve was appliqued just like the rest. Marie couldn’t wait to try it too.
Thank you all for 2 wonderful, memorable days.


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The Tentmakers Have Arrived!

The tentmakers have arrived! With Glenda Olesen who came to the airport to meet them too and help with the’ huge’ amount of luggage. Glenda went home with an empty boot and mine was full. Lots more lovely quilts.
left to right in photo: Hossam, Ahmed, Essam, Glenda.

The first workshop took place today and with a full class of 20 they proceeded to render everyone awe inspired with their skill and speed of stitching. Did you ever think to have your scissors sitting on your lap while stitching – that is, one great big pair of scissors used for cutting paper, fabric and thread?
A fabulous time was had by all. Comments such as ‘wonderful, ‘so glad I came’, ‘loved every minute of it’ and ‘so much fun’ were heard during and at the end.
To tease us all they displayed some quilts which were amazing. Second photo is the class in action.

There were a couple of highlights during the day. Firstly we had a $100 voucher to give away courtesy of Southlands Sewing Centre. This was won by Pat Goodchild and she is in this photo being congratulated by all 3 men.


Secondly, they worked really hard to make sure everyone was able to do all they showed and at the end were completely exhausted so we allowed them a moment’s sitting. Hossam at rest in the second photo. Did you notice the quilt in the corner?

And finally they held up a couple of similar quilts in different colourways to help someone with their decision.

One more workshop tomorrow and then Wednesday night all will be revealed. This is going to be an amazing exhibition of 50 quilts! Do come along and see, listen and absorb.
Kerry Moore

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WA Craft Show

Mark your diaries for the Craft show!

For brochure click 2017 Craft Brochure

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