Temperature’s Rising

Carla Smales is on a mission in 2019, and shares the start of her journey here. Thanks Carla for your article and we are looking forward to your updates.

Are you a starter or a finisher or both?

Have you done a stock take of your WIP ‘s for the coming year with a plan to finish them off or are you planning to turn a blind eye and start something new ?

I love the beginning of the year as it provides such a great sense of inspiration. Following along on social media there is always a new trend, style, fabric range, book or quilt along starting and I’ve been trapped again !!!

I’ve got a busy start to the year with a few secret sewing projects due by June and then also ticking along with my EPP ( English paper piecing ) project Quatro colour quilt  by Sue Daily .  Being 100% realistic I’d like to have it done for my 40th so only around 96 months to go before I have to hit the panic rush button.

Never the less I AM going to START a new project in 2019 , I just can’t help myself.

With the aim of a January 2020 finish I Knew I needed to get organised, also commonly known as procrastination so send me all of your speedy stitching luck !!!

The idea of this project is one that I stumbled upon a few years ago when watching a crochet tutorial.

The temperature quilt as it is commonly named is a knitted, crocheted or quilted blanket where the temperature of each day of the year is recorded and then stitched out. You are guided by the weather so you can not skip ahead to whatever colour you feel goes best.



Image credit @olivesandpickles on Instagram

Or this one for the quilters out there – @aquiltingsheep shared her version (which I love) as it has used the minimum and the maximum temperature figures for each day.


Image @quiltingsheep (Instagram)

My design thoughts so far.

I love the Aerial Grove pattern by Carolyn Friedlander and it has been floating around my Pinterest board for a while – so have started my sketch there, as I just love the neat and orderly rows set out with many irregularly shaped Squircles. As quite a particular person, I have challenged myself to cut mine free hand – eeek!!!

At the moment I plan it to be a grid of 12 months across and up to 31days down the length of the quilt, though should this not look right, I will of course edit the design as I go along.

 My fabric choice background

The fashion world seems to have a pretty strong hold on what colours are in vogue – and unless you make your own clothing, sometimes you do have to make do with what is on offer.

I tend to wear a lot of autumn tones – and although I have tried the rusty and mustard hues on in the past as they are everywhere, I just feel that they are not ‘fab’ on and are colours that don’t suit my frame or complexion (even after some serious calorie counting and spray tanning!)

So, after all that, this year I’m going to sew with the colours I don’t wear. I’ve gone with 3 solids I love in both the warm and cool colours.


Colour breakdown

My temperature breakdown is not very uniform as we don’t have a lot of cool days here in Perth – so I am hoping for a bit of variation in the end product.

I guess time will tell if it’s a good idea or not – It was really the only way I could have a bit of creative control!


My fabric temperature break down reference

I guess I leave you with the line that I really am at the mercy of the weather gods for this project!!!

I am looking forward to sharing with you as the months roll on.

Wish me luck.

There are many many more images out there on quilting blogs and instagram. If you just “google” temperature quilts, you will be amazed at what you will  find.  PS Do not google if you are in a rush, allow yourself time to devour the images. Elm Street quilt blog is doing a temperature quilt in hexagons, worth a look for some slow summer sewing.

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Sale Sale Sale!!

All monies raised go towards purchasing batting for our community quilters who work tirelessly all year to provide those in need with a quilt that they can call their own.


Fat Quarters $2.00 each

Patchwork fabric $10.00 kilo

Assorted fabrics $5.00 kilo

Dressmaking fabric 50%off marked price

Mens’ tie’s $2 and $4

Furnishing fabric- Gold Coin donation

Antique calico flour bags $5.00

Sewing & Craft Notions – assorted prices

Sewing Day- January 15th 10-3pm & Sewing Night January 16th 7-9.45pm

Stirling Adriatic Centre, Jones Street, STIRLING Western Australia.


Thank you.



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Christmas placemats bring pleasure

Once again our community quilters in the lead up to Christmas, were very busy.  A huge selection of beautiful Christmas placemats were made with love and donated.

The Christmas placemats this year were delivered to Meals on wheels and Mercy Care in Wembley.  The residents at Mercy were thrilled and we share some of the photos here.

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Introducing the effervescent Carla!


Today we are introducing you to the WAQA outgoing President and incoming Country Liaison Carla Smales.

You can find Carla at many WAQA sewing day and nights, she is instrumental in adding her artistic flair to many of the meetings, whether it be with wonderful table decorations and food creations, dressing up and encouraging others to do so, or sharing her friendship with old and new members, and the holding up of many quilt creations at our “Show and tell” sessions. Carla has also been a wonderful help and inspiration to me, as I navigate my way through social media, especially Instagram, for which I am eternally grateful!

Carla is youngish (31), Wife and Mum of 2 children, Ashton and Ariana aged 5 and 6years old.,  She currently lives in Willetton, Perth Western Australia, but with both her and husband John hailing from the country there is farm banter that frequents conversation.

During the daylight hours of the working week you will find Carla at Perth Prosthodontics which unbeknownst to some lends itself very well to the creative soul with an eye for colour and detail. https://www.perthprosthodontics.com.au/team-members/carla-smales/


  • Have you always been creative?

I don’t particularly recall a time where there was a creative switch turned on, but I do have very fond memories of creativity being a large part of my childhood. My mum having had a career before children as a home economics teacher meant that a lot of meal’s started with the phrase ‘This is a bit of an experiment’ and our school projects were almost all backed with metallic cardboard or a splash of glitter… come to think of it where was the Scan and Cut then!!!

  • Your first foray into the quilting world was?

Was when I was in upper primary school, Mum would car pool with the neighbouring farmer’s wife,  to a quilting group based out of the Meckering town hall. I recall her making a beautiful cutting mat and ruler bag holder in a lovely floral and green combination. I was always eager to see what progress was made on the project at the time – sometimes almost more than the afternoon tea that was on offer.

Following on from that I was lucky enough to have some wonderful Sewing teachers in high school. I just loved being able to step into those classes, take a deep breath and know that I could use my hands for 2 straight continuous periods of the day, 120 creative minutes, 3 glorious times per week.

  • Your first quilt or first piece of craft was?

My first real patchwork piece of sewing besides the simple 9 patch pot holder that we had to make to gain our Machine Licence was a European pillow cover. I had grand plans for it that far exceeded the time that was allocated in class and also the functions of the machines we had provided to us. My teacher Mrs Jones let me take it home to get it to completion stage in a timely manner and also so that I could use the button hole stitch on mums’ machine for the applique portion of the project.

I still have the cushion cover to this day and it lives in the sewing room on the back of my sewing chair.


  • In your spare time you enjoy.

I feel like this is a trick question… In the moments of spare time I enjoy drinking a cup of tea while it’s still hot and also staring into space and daydreaming about my next project or the deadline I should be meeting with a WIP.

  • Perth born and raised?? Or born and raised somewhere else and came to Perth when?

I was born and raised on my family’s wheat and sheep property in Cunderdin, 160km north east of Perth. I came to Perth when I was 12 to attend Penrhos College as a boarding student and have predominantly based here since then.


  • A bit about your family? Are they supportive about what do you do?

I have an incredibly supportive husband who is catching on to the quilting lingo quickly and is also a very creative metal and woodworker in his own right.

  • Do you have any pets?

Residing with us here in the city we have a little 9 year old Chug (Chihuahua x Pug) dog and three laying hens who supply our breakfast eggs.

We also consider the alpacas, donkeys, goats and sheep that live on the farm as our pets too – and I am so lucky to have the facility to expose Ashton and Ariana to all different animals in an up close and person manner.

  • Favourite place to holiday?

We are still trialling different holiday destinations as a family and are currently loving getting out and about camping at various destinations around the state. The next little break away is planned for the January school holidays to Denmark.

  • Favourite quilting/sewing tool you can’t live without?

My fav tool is going to have to be a tie between the Milliners needles in a size 15 and the quilters tweezers… do they have a more technical name than that???

  • Your favourite part of the whole quilting process? (Designing, choosing fabric, sewing the binding down?)

The past I find most enjoyable is selecting fabrics, having a creative idea or design in mind and then being able to choose fabrics and curate them specifically for the project, I feel makes it very special.

  • What are you working on now?

I am incredibly lucky enough to have a designated space in my home, to be able to switch off and fondle fabrics and notions. It is a space that is still quite close to the main kitchen/living/ dining area but this still does not motivate me to keep it in an orderly fashion all the time.

At this very moment I have a few projects on the go as you can see by the state of my sewing space in the image… can you spot the following projects?


I’m attempting to put together the Toyota Logo using 2.5 inch squares as a couch quilt for my husband to enjoy.

Getting the binding on my 100 days 100 blocks quilt ready to take camping for one of the kids beds.

Giving the Scan N Cut a workout making vinyl labels for the new school lunchboxes and water bottles.

  • Your number one tip you can pass on to another young quilter is?

Don’t wait for your kids to grow up to find your love of crafting and sewing, let them sit on your lap, and dabble in the creative process with them. Make a scrap bucket that is theirs to create with, and lay out scraps on a design wall or just drape over toys like a fashion parade is about to start.

  • Do you have a “fabric/ribbon/buttons/thread stash”?

The shock and horror on the face of a sewing pals when they find out that I don’t have a stash is just priceless. I shop for the project I’m about to work on and that’s it!


  • Do your prefer working on bigger quilts or pieces or smaller items?

I thoroughly enjoy working on larger items but for now, I’m content on getting quick finishes done and marked off.

Work you are proud of?

I may not have a lot of finished work – but the thing that makes me the proudest is walking past and seeing an empty quilt ladder and my most important people draped in quilts that have been finished which were made with 100% love.

I use sewing and other creative outlets when I’m happy, sad, frustrated, lost, and anxious amongst other emotions that arrive in my life invited or not. It is incredibly healing and calming to see that the highs and lows of life can still bring something positive.


 Currently you are working on?

Instead of trying to remember what my most recent finish was apart from a Wonder Woman Library bag for Miss Ariana, I have popped a pic here of my design wall which is a realistic view into my WIP collection.


I hope to have a temperature quilt on here in the first few weeks of January…. please ask me how it is going when you see me as it might provide motivation as I’ve only been wanting to make one for 3 years .

Carla is also very active on Instagram and has had a lot of fun over Christmas surprising her children with the antics of their Christmas elf.  You can visit Carla on Instagram: @carlaelisesmales and see what else she gets up to.


Thank you Carla, for sharing with us, a little bit about YOU


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Challenge Quilt wrap up

At November sewing day and evening, the 2018 Challenge quilts were revealed for the first time. The theme was “Curiosity/A Curiosity” and there were many varied interpretations and styles on show among 24 quilts. Each member present had the opportunity to vote for their favourite quilt. The criteria for voting were most imaginative interpretation of the theme or patchwork/quilting technique.
The Challenge Quilts will travel around the state to interested groups and will feature at QuiltWest 2019. If your quilting or sewing group is interested in borrowing the quilts for a few days, please contact the Challenge Coordinator at waqachallenge@gmail.com to arrange a convenient time.
Congratulations to all members who participated in the WAQA Challenge 2018, and thanks to all those who voted. The votes were spread out with most quilts receiving three or four votes each.
The voting from Sewing day and Sewing evening were combined to give a final tally.
We are pleased to announce the place winners.
Fifth was Clementine’s a Curiosity made by Val York.
Fourth was Black and White or White and Black by Lesley Warren.  Lesley’s quilt was most intriguing with a tag on the side “Lift Me if Curious”. Upon lifting the quilt, the viewer discovers another quilt the negative of the top version.
In equal second place were Believe It or Not by Kaye Watson and In Black and White by Theresa Jennings.
Congratulations to the first place winner who won by a clear margin. Why? by Glenda
Woods who receives a certificate and a small prize.

“Clementines a Curiosity” by Val Yorke.

zebra challenge 1

“White & Black OR

zebra challenge

“Black and White”


“In Black & White”

challenge 1

“Believe it or Not”

“Why” by Glenda Woods

My thanks to Meg Cowey, for providing the above information and photos shown.
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More November show and tell…….





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Show & Tell -November

Christmas party – December 5charmWe had some wonderful quilts and lots of other items at November sewing day and night.  Some of the quilting was amazing.  Enjoy the photos.

Remember that our Christmas party will be held on Wednesday evening at 7pm on December 5th at the Stirling Adriatic Centre, Jones Street in Stirling.  Bring a plate to share and the bar will be open for cold beverages.

Please rsvp to Carla on 0423 136 009 or email her at nextgenquilters@gmail.com.

Our end of the year Christmas theme, is Country Christmas charm.  As always, this promises to be a wonderful evening, celebrating friendship, quilting and stitching.




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Curiosity – Our 2018 Challenge theme

At November sewing day and evening, the 2018 Challenge quilts were revealed for the first time. The theme was “Curiosity/A Curiosity” and there were many varied interpretations and styles on show among 24 quilts. Each member present had the opportunity to vote for their favourite quilt. The criteria for voting were most imaginative interpretation of the theme or patchwork/quilting technique.
The winner will be announced at the Christmas party in December and a certificate and small prize will be awarded to the quilter.
The Challenge Quilts will travel around the state to interested groups and will feature at QuiltWest 2019. If your quilting or sewing group is interested in borrowing the quilts for a few days, please contact the Challenge Coordinator at waqachallenge@gmail.com to arrange a convenient time.
curiosity 7
curiosity 8
curiosity 9
This is just a small selection of the quilts that were entered into this years challenge,  my thanks to Natalia & Meg Cowey for the photos provided.  I look forward to chatting to the winner, who will be named at December sewing day/ night and running a feature post on you.  Thanks to everyone who participated in our challenge.
If you photo was not included here, and you would like it to be then please forward it to me and I will add to this post.  I am sure everyone who reads our blog, would also love to see your entry and hear more about it.
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Introducing Pat Forster


This photo was taken at a very fun place to visit in Lucerne—all sorts of mirrors that made the body etc look unusual.

I have had the privilege recently of meeting Pat, a very interesting person with quilts to match!

Pat is the new co-editor of Quilters Quarterly , she lives in Perth and is passionate about quilting.

Have you always been creative?

I come from a  family of leisure-time craftspeople: mother an expert knitter who made me wear hand-knitted cardigans to school which I didn’t appreciate; father a wood- turner/carver and cabinet maker; sister an expert leather worker. 

Your first foray into the quilting world”?

A cot quilt for my daughter


Have you won any quilt awards? Locally, nationally, international?

I have won local and national awards and had quilts juried into international exhibitions. Recently, the quilt below was awarded Best Exhibit in Patchwork Quilting at the Perth Royal show, and a quilt called Fish Feeding Frenzy has been juried into Quilt National 19. I got very excited when I learnt that!

pat 2

What is the best part of patchwork/quilting that you enjoy?

The friends I have made!

Perth born and raised??

No, born in New Zealand, home of the long white cloud.

Are your family supportive of all your creativity?

My family are very supportive. I sew in the kitchen, not on the kitchen table, but people do have to dodge pins on the floor. My daughter and granddaughter take a keen interest in the latest creations.

Favourite quilting/sewing tool you can’t live without.

SHARP scissors.  I was given some made by Fiskars and they are brilliant.

Follow patterns or like making and designing your own things?

Occasionally I follow a pattern to use up fabric for a community quilt or whatever. Generally I make up mathematical-based designs. You can see some of them at https://patforsterblog.wordpress.com/ .  I also like the challenge of working to a theme which is what we do in the WA Inspired Art Quilters group  https://wainspiredsite.wordpress.com/

How much has quilting changed for you over the years?

A lot! I put much more effort into creating something different, and into quilting. Here is an example called Granny’s Twisted Garden.


Your number 1 tip for quilters?

 Unpick as soon as you realise you have made a mistake, however small.

Do you have a “fabric/ribbon/buttons/thread  stash”?

 I have quite number of green, grey, and Aboriginal designed fabrics but tend to buy fabric as I need it. I have a very good supply of thread, sorted into colours and types.

Do you prefer working on bigger quilts or pieces or smaller items?

 I like both. My favourite make this year was small map quilt showing places along the Swan River that used to have Noongar names. The quilt is now owned by Freshwater Bay Museum.


Which of your quilts are your favourites?

I have several favourites. One is a small piece I made for an AQC ‘Lest we Forget’ Challenge. Another is ‘Colours of the Aboriginal Flag’.


Is there anything else you would like to say to our readers?

 For me, the most important thing about patchwork/quilting is to enjoy it. Being in various groups means I do that.

Thank you so much Pat, for sharing a little bit about yourself with our readers.

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Lovely way to finish the week

As you know our WAQA community quilters are a great bunch of people- and I publish here with permission, a letter that was sent to Gail Bayly ( WAQA Community quilts Co-Ordinator) earlier this week.

Dear Gail,

Sincere thanks for your very generous donation to LKCCs Charity Raffle for Parkerville Child and Youth Care.
Your beautiful quilt was won by John and Dianne Gillard who have a grandchild with cystic fibrosis.Dianne intends to auction your  quilt at her annual fund raiser for Cystic Fibrosis  research. So the quilt will continue to help more kids!

 We raised $10,000 from the raffle and a  silent auction  and an additional $11,5000 at a LKCC members golf  ,bridge and lunch day in June

Considering this year’s course closure and clubhouse renovations at Lake Karrinyup I am very happy with the total funds raised for children in desperate need of help.

It wouldn’t have been possible without big hearted people like you!Please convey my thanks to all your wonderful quilters.

Warm Regards

Jeanie Whittaker

Raffle Quilt Karrinyup 2
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