Stitched & Bound -end of exhibition

The Zig Zag exhibition is over! The Lake Grace exhibition is over! The windup for the stitched and bound 2019 committee is over! But everyone can enjoy the slide show with the works and artist statements at


MosaicThe artist file is also available for download on the stitched and bound blog –  take a peek at the artist profiles and floor talk notes.

Thank you to Pat Forster for words & images.

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Loving Lake Grace

Phil Thomas recently ran her  ” Photo to fabric work shop , as part of the Stitched & Bound country exhibit at the artspace in Lake Grace.

The weekend was enjoyed by all attendees and Phil even had the opportunity to visit a shearing shed whilst in the area.






Remember if you have any “regional retreats/stories you would like to share then please contact me  We love to share “country” stories – Thank you, Lorraine.

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I am sharing a blog post today from Meg at “Our House Quilts” with her permission.  Enjoy the story.

I completed this quilt top several years ago, but somehow did not get around to quilting it.

The top is from one of the Kaffe books, I forget which one, as I didn’t purchase it. The layout is so simple, no instructions were required. Kaffe’s original design was not so strict about value placement – I prefer a more disciplined approach where there is little complexity.

I used a cotton wadding that claims to need no pins or gluing. Instead the heat of the iron, without steam, creates a bond that holds the layers together. To ease the bonding for repositioning, use the iron on steam.

It is a very large (for me) quilt and it barely fitted on my design wall. I sandwiched the quilt backing, wadding and top on the wall and then ironed it. The process worked pretty well. I did pin the edges at about 6″ intervals, and put a few more, perhaps a dozen, in the sashing near the centre of the quilt.

The quilting started from the centre, then I worked my way around the centre, square by square. When that was complete, I stitched in the sashing. I’m trusting it will all hold together, as it was only near the end that I realised the consequences of no quilt stitching crossing a seam.

The no-pinning wading worked pretty well, with only a small amount of ease needed at the edge blocks. The top required repositioning further out. That’s why we cut the backing and wadding larger than the top! The steam iron resolved the issue without trouble.


The backing was a pink floral that complemented the front and cleverly disguised my stitching glitches.

The choice of quilting feathers was very deliberate. They are so forgiving. The blank area of the loops allows for give-and-take with the fabric so that pleating on either the front or the back is rare. Also, I was able to complete a small section before moving on, which meant the quilt was not travelling very far as I stitched. This is an important consideration given the size of the quilt.



At last it is finished.







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Australian Quilts in Public Places

Australian Quilts in Public Places (AQIPP) juried exhibition opened on November 14 in Melbourne and runs until December 21. The theme for the exhibition is Metamorphosis. Pat Forster’s quilt ‘Re-Cognise’ is on display. One might ask, ‘How on earth could the quilt and its title fit the them?’. The statement for the quilt is “Black fabric pieced in the Federation Square tiling pattern, with red and yellow inserts – colours of the Aboriginal flag. Chosen to promote the view that re-Cognising the Australian Federation and Constitution is overdue so that Australia’s First People are recognised”. What a metamorphosis that would be!pat.jpg

Image and words provided by Pat Forster.

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Vale Peggy Buckingham

It is with sadness that we share the news that the ‘Mother’ of Fibres West, Peggy Buckingham, passed away last week.

Peggy Buckingham was the driving force behind the organisation we now know as Fibres West Inc. Since the mid 1970s, Peggy worked tirelessly to advocate for the educational aspect of the arts and crafts in both Western Australia and on a national level. She was the President of the WA Crafts Council for a number of years, with a weekly radio session speaking about WA crafts. She was a founding member of various other art and craft organisations and initiatives, always with a vision to promote the value of arts in and of community and the nurturing of skill. She wore many, many hats. A former Director of the (national) Australian Forum for Textile Arts, Peggy was the Convenor of Fibres West for close to two decades.

Peggy briefly attended and was honoured at Fibres West 2015; something we later learned meant a great deal to her. She was happy to see ‘her’ event continuing to blossom, with new initiatives added to the mix while honouring the organisation’s rich tradition.

An era has come to a close, but her legacy endures.

Vale Peggy.


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Pathfinders Exhibition, Katanning

EP1280846Pathfinders, a WAQA sewing group, was set up for the purpose of making and exhibiting quilts inspired by the Drunkards Path block (quarter of a circle inside a square). The group comprises Sue Rule, Robyn Clout, Lesley Clugston, Sharon Brown, Natalia Tasovac, Pat Forster and Liz Humphreys.

We agreed to make four 60inch x 60inch quilts each, over two years. We sewed independently and met about every four months for show and tell.

The project has been terrific fun and really pushed us to be innovative, especially when we each viewed the most recent masterworks of others in the group!

The culmination of our efforts is an exhibition in Katanning Regional Gallery October 26 – December 7.

It is a fabulous, well lit, spacious gallery so perfect for the large bold quilts. Every patchwork/quilting technique imaginable is represented, and the quilting shows up marvelously in the gallery lighting.

You will never see quilts in a better spot than this, so why not visit? Feedback is that local people are really enjoying the exhibition, particularly the art and craft groups.

There is passing traffic too since the Gallery is in the same building as the library. We cannot thank James Wood (the gallery curator) enough for offering us the gallery and for his arrangement of the quilts. Gallery hours are

Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri 10.00am – 5.00pm

Wednesday 1.00pm – 5.00pm

Saturday 10.00am – 1.00pm

Sunday Closed

An added bonus to visiting the exhibition is that you can enjoy coffee or lunch in the Premier Mill Dome Café. Premier Mill has been recently renovated and is a super building to visit.

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WAQA Community Quilters Team Up


The Community Quilters have teamed up with Sensed to make busy/sensory blankets for use in Armadale Hospital. These blankets are given to people living with dementia who are in hospital, as they have been shown to be an invaluable item in improving well being.

Sensed is are a group of university students from a variety of disciplines, who are working with community groups and high schools to improve the well being of people living with dementia to increase awareness and understanding of dementia.

We are part of Enactus UWA, which is a team of student leaders from the University of Western Australia committed to creating a positive impact on our community. Sensed is one of the groups under this student organisation, however, we strive to build a sustainable not-for-profit that can run independently.

Our community is at the core of everything we do. At Sensed we believe that by working together with our community, we can make positive change. By developing connections between groups, increasing awareness and taking action, we can work together to build a sustainable, connected and caring community.

We are hoping to collect as many blankets as possible over the next few months. If you have some ready to donate, please drop them off to Gwen at the next WAQA sewing day/night or contact Gwen at or  0437907072.

If you would like to learn more, have some suggestions or new ideas for us, or know of others who would like to get involved send us a message on Facebook, or email us at We really value your input. Our community is at the center of what we do at Sensed!

If you would like to contribute a blanket, please see the Sensory/Busy Blankets Guidelines


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Members Retreat 2020

A WAQA Members’ retreat has been organised.  You can escape and spend three enjoyable days with friends.  You only need to stop for a meal break or to walk along the beach.  The venue is fully catered and the price includes breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Morning and afternoon tea is also made available. The rooms are all single rooms with ensuite and the sewing room is spacious and well lit.


VENUE: St John of God Retreat House, 47 Gloucester Crescent, Shoalwater


WHEN: Thursday 12 March to Sunday 15t March


COST: 3 Nights a total of $420

Form Can be found in our Retreats section : Retreats

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Could you be a Quilt Appraiser?

The wonderful Robynne Vallence has been in this voluntary position for the past 8 years and as much as she loves it, she would dearly like to hand over the reigns to someone else.

Could you be that person?

Please see attached forms, if you think this is something that may be of interest to you.

Robynne’s details can be found on the forms and of course she will be on hand to assist you through the process.

Appraisal application

Application for quilt appraiser


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Do yourself a favour…….

As our iconic Australian, Molly Meldrum would say…. do yourself a favour and go and check  out the wonderful Stitched & Bound exhibition held at the Zig Zag gallery in Kalamunda.

Pat Forster was there today and had these words to pass on, ” The exhibition is stunning. A lot of strong colours and some muted ones too.”

The opening is at 2pm tomorrow,  so what are you waiting for!!.  Exhibition is open until October 27th,  you may also like to make the most of your visit to the beautiful hills area of Perth and  visit some of our  preferred suppliers within close range of the exhibition.

A perfect day out, wonderful quilts, inspiration and a little bit of shopping.

zig zag.jpg

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