Quilts Distributed to Families affected by Wooloroo Fire

On Saturday morning the quilts collected as part of the Wooloroo Fire Relief Quilt Drive were put on public display. Quite a few people ventured to Gidgegannup to view the wonderful quilts, although not all were able to be shown, as the generosity of quilters was so great that the number of quilts totalled close to 850.

Affected families were given the opportunity to select quilts Saturday afternoon or Sunday. It was a privilege to assist individual family members in finding that special quilt amongst those on display. The thought of all the time and effort that had gone into making the quilts made quite an impression on those that came to collect quilts. I was asked to pass on their thanks to the quilters for their generosity in providing such wonderful items.

A big thank you to all those who contributed in any way in making these wonderful quilts that provided such joy to those families affected by the bushfires. A very big thank you to Fleur and Nicola for all the work that went into the organising, planning and conducting the Quilt Drive.

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Quilting While Wearing Masks

The requirement to wear masks indoors did not stop all quilters from attending their group meetings this week. The numbers at the Beginners Group were slightly down this week, but that gave more time for individual attention from Phil, which was a bonus.

Following on from last month, the focus was on machine quilting using the walking foot, with most of us bringing in examples of work they had done since the last meeting. The stand out was Deborah Keating, who did her practicing and experimenting of straight line quilting on baby bibs. Deborah decided to use the left over fabric from the quilt she made, to make a pillow, quilt bag and half a dozen bibs. Simply gorgeous work and a very lucky baby.

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WAQA’s Biggest Morning Tea/Evening Supper in June

The Great Expectations group are running this fundraiser

Biggest Morning Tea at Sewing Day on 15 June

Biggest Evening Supper at Sewing Night 16 June

in support of BreastCare WA.

Everyone can take part in the morning tea or evening supper by gold coin donation.

Enter the Tea Cosy competition, by sewing, knitting, crocheting or making your tea cosy now and bringing it along to Sewing Day or Sewing Night and you could take home a prize.

There will also be Lucky Dips for $5 or $10, so come along and have some fun.

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QuiltWest New Dates July 14th – 18th

Please read the following notice to find out how it will affect you

QuiltWest has been postponed to July 14th – 18th following the recent lockdown in WA. 
Purple Tickets sold for the 2021 May Exhibition will be honoured. Expertise Events will not be issuing new tickets. Purple tickets will continue to be sold for the August Exhibition.

Q: What happens if you have already bought a ticket and can’t attend on the new dates?

A1: If you have bought a purple ticket at either sewing day or sewing night, you must return your ticket to the QuiltWest treasurer Beverley McDonnell who will arrange a refund.

A2: If you bought the ticket off the Expertise Events website they will refund you. You will need to email info@expertiseevents.com.au and explain why you can’t attend.

Our rosters coordinator will not be rolling the rosters over that we had in place for the May Exhibition. You will be able to put your name on the new rosters online from May 16th as well as put your name down for roster at the QuiltWest tables on our May and June Sewing days and nights.

Quilt Drop Off: Friday July 2nd Stirling Adriatic Centre 2pm – 6pm

The QuiltWest Committee has a positive attitude and everything is on track and running very smoothly as we prepare to present you with the exhibition in July.  
Please contact quiltwa@gmail.com if you have any queries

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General Meeting 2 June – Anniversary Quilts

General Meeting 2 June 2021, 7pm
Stirling Adriatic Centre
78 Jones Street, Stirling

WAQA has 3 General Meetings a year.  The format is a short update from the Management Committee followed by a quilt related presentation.
Our second General Meeting for 2021 will showcase Anniversary Quilts from the WAQA Collection.  The new WAQA constitution will be available for your scrutiny and comment.  

This is a free event for Members and our Sponsors, but guests will be asked for a $5 donation.

A light supper is available, but remember to bring your own mug.

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QuiltWest 2021 postponed until July 14 – 18

For those that did not receive the QNews earlier today, please read the following:

At 1pm today President Lesley was asked by Expertise Events to announce the postponement of the Craft and Quilt Fair due to COVID restrictions. 

  • At this stage the QuiltWest Committee has not had time to organise new plans.  
  • Please do not contact the committee as they currently have no answers.  
  • They will inform you once the plan has been developed. 

Message Lesley received from Expertise Events

Part of our role is making the decisions in the best overall interest for both exhibitors and visitors along with the overall objective of ROI for all involved.

We’ve been closely monitoring the situation in Western Australia following the recent decision to close down for a snap lockdown for three days and the significant flow on effects that this has to other States and clients. Right now while Perth is emerging from the lockdown, there are still restrictions including mandatory masks, and a 4sqm rule – the 4sqm rule in particular restricts attendance severely for an event. Additionally, and more problematic given 60% of exhibitors are based interstate is the quarantine requirements now in place for SA, ACT, VIC and QLD. Many exhibitors have already voiced that any quarantine both from a cost and time perspective is not practical which we completely understand. Most States have been requiring an extended period without cases to ease travel restrictions so how long these will be in place for is impossible to determine.

Whilst we believe this should be lifted before the Perth Fair it does cause us to take a gamble, and given the extensive freight times in place this would be irresponsible to chance. If freight was to leave, and border restrictions had not eased, exhibitors could be left significantly out of pocket.

We have therefore decided the best action is to reschedule the Fair back to 14-18 July.

Given we have just lodged and have in transit a personal mailing invite (at a huge expense that we cannot reclaim) this is a decision that comes with significant pain, however we have always said safety overlayed with the right return has to be our focus.

We will be in contact with you over the next few days and look forward to delivering Perth in July.

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April – Sewing Day and Sewing Night

Sewing Day and Sewing Night held earlier in the week were both great events with lots of things to do in addition to catching up with friends. So special to have this quilt on display.

The ladies at the Community Quilts table were kept busy with members returning completed quilts or their BoM blocks. Other members were picking up quilts needing labelling, quilts needing binding, or packages of quilt tops, wadding and backing for quilting at home. Some members couldn’t resist looking through the magazines or books, with quite a few finding some worth buying. There was a display of quilts that had been handed in to Community Quilts earlier in the year.

This month there was also the opportunity to buy QuiltWest tickets, QuiltWest badges, Shop Hop Passports and pay for the Bus Trip. A saviour for some was the ability to pay by card, an option introduced this year at Sewing Days and Sewing Nights. It was good to see members signing up for QuiltWest Roster duty (which can still be done from the QuiltWest 2021 page).

The Pop-Ups were popular and information about them appeared in an earlier blog. A highlight of both Sewing Day and Sewing Night was the Show and Tell with a wide variety of quilts and other items on display, with some shown below.

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April Pop Ups

At our April meetings we were treated to two popups.

First Thea Williams and Annette Simper gave a library pop up, focussing on the many Japanese books available in our library. Annette came with plenty of samples she has made using her favourite books.

Then with QuiltWest around the corner, Cathie Gamble gave a pop up on how to attach a hanging sleeve to a quilt and gave some tips on labelling in preparation for a show. Click on the link for instructions on Cathie’s preferred sleeve https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aLv21TeLZaY

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Quilting in a Straight Line

Really, how hard can it be to quilt in a straight line? Well some of you may recall when you first started quilting, that it was quite hard. If you use grey thread on black fabric and stitch in the ditch, like I attempted, then I can confidently say it is very very hard.

Luckily for me, at the Beginner’s Group I attended on Monday, Phil Thomas provided a lesson on the basics of quilting in a straight line. Phil gave us tips on marking your fabric, following guide lines, monitoring your speed, selecting an appropriate stitch length and most importantly just giving it a go.

After losing count of the number of times I asked Phil or Susan for advice on my work, (which they freely gave every time) I left the meeting feeling that quilting in a straight line might not be too hard. Of course, I did ditch the stitch in the ditch and chose to use rail tracks along the seams instead. Now all I need to do is practice, practice, practice…..

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QuiltWest Roster Update

The uptake on the online QuiltWest roster submission is off to a great start and there are already obvious time slot favourites, while other days are almost empty. 

Please be aware that Wednesday and Friday are already full apart from a handful of sessions from 2pm to 4pm.

However Thursday, Saturday and the earlier slots on Sunday are sparsely populated and desperately need people – particularly for white glove duty! 

QuiltWest Tickets for Roster Duty

In view of the short period of time we have available, and the length of time that Australia Post can take to deliver, it has been decided that the ticket available for quilt entrants doing roster duties will be made available via the quilt delivery system. 

When you drop off your quilt the envelope containing your quilt numbers and receipt etc will also include your ticket where applicable.  Please note that, when rosters have been finalised, you will receive an email confirming your roster time(s) and day(s), and ticket/entry information.

If you have any queries please contact quiltwaroster@gmail.com

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