The library of over 2500 items is accessible on meeting days only. Members may request a library card and this card must be presented when borrowing items. All members may borrow 20 items, with a maximum of 10 books and 10 magazines at one time. The loan period is 1 month for metropolitan members and country members on the schedule of the country librarian (usually monthly).

If you are in the country area, we have a service for you by way of a satchel the limit is 5 items. Postage is paid by WAQA so there is no cost for you. Please email the librarian to start the process


Country members please browse through the WAQA Library catalogue to see which books you may like posted to you. We have volunteers who will honour  your request if it is available, they will  also place magazines in the  satchel for you. If you have not requested a particular book or magazine, we will send you a selection. Once your items are  processed we will also include more information about borrowing that will accompany your satchel.

The Online WAQA Catalogue can be found here

Items for borrowing include books, novels, magazines, pattern templates, CDs, DVDs, photos and slides of past exhibitions, an overhead projector, a light box, quilt display stands and a large and a medium floor quilting frame (prior notice required in order to retrieve frames from the storage facility). Other organisations’ newsletters are available to read on an honour system.

The library is searchable using a search terminal in the library room. Please ask one of the Library helpers to show you how to search and borrow library items and return them.

Library Opening Hours

Sewing Days:            10.15 am – 12.30 pm
Sewing Nights:         7.30 pm – 9.15 pm
Evening Meetings:  The library will be closed but books can be returned.