Defining  Exotica –

  • objects considered interesting because they are curiously unusual or excitingly strange, maybe because they originated in a distant foreign country but all having a strange or bizarre allure, beauty, or quality.


Have you purchased exotic textiles in your travels? OR inherited traditional table linens? Maybe found a woollen coat in the Op Shop,  in your favourite colour,  that you could not resist buying.

If you enjoy going beyond the ordinary ,with the techniques that you use and the materials you have,  Join Exotica! Find the courage with the support of fellow enthusiasts to finally cut into that magnificent kimono or slice up that damask table cloth, wash that African mudcloth… and create anew!

The Exotica Group meets, at the Our Lady of Fatima Church Hall in Foss Street, Palmyra on the FIRST Friday of the month at 6pm until 9.00. Members challenge themselves, with the group’s support and encouragement, as we share different techniques and ideas on how to incorporate our exotic fabric collections into our own unique quilts. Visitors and new members always welcome.

Bring a plate of nibbles to share and whatever you like to drink. Cost $5 a night. Tea & coffee provided.


Coordinator : Virginia O’Keeffe

For more information email: ginny.okeeffe@gmail.com or telephone: 93975450.