P1030424xWe have a number of specialty groups affiliated with WAQA.

Also our Small Groups Coordinator is happy to put you in touch with like-minded quilters who would like to organise extra quilting days in their local area or with groups that have told us they have space in their group. She will usually be on hand at Sewing day to help you in your search.

Other options, if you are looking for a group include:

  • Searching local notice boards in libraries and shopping centres
  • Posting your own notice seeking like-minded quilters
  • Contacting your local council. (If a local group is big enough it may be utilizing a hall provided by the council).
  • Contact your local quilt shop(s). Local groups may be known to them.
  • Alternatively, some quilt shops run open quilting days (for a fee) where you may meet local quilters who also participate in local groups.

If you would like more information email:

Form below is for Group leaders:-

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