Welcome to 2017 and a brand new workshop program for you to take part in. This year we have a couple of different things for you to enjoy. If you have wondered about doing a workshop in the last few months, do not hesitate any longer. Places are usually limited to 15 in each workshop and I do make a wait list but can’t guarantee you a place once places are taken. Please also be aware that members always have priority in workshops and non members will only receive a place if the workshop does not fill.

Supply lists will be given out when you enroll. Venues will vary.

Contact the workshop Coordinator: for more information.

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May 2017

Breaking News! We have invited Carolyn Konig from Victoria to come and judge next year’s Quiltwest and to teach workshops beforehand. Carolyn has been a shop holder at the craft fair at Quiltwest for a number of years and you will remember her lovely smiling face behind all of the beautiful reproduction fabrics with which she specialises. Reproduction fabrics are just that, reproductions of old style fabrics used in traditional patterns. Many of the patterns are historically significant.

Carolyn will come for a full week before the judging takes place and that is up to 1 ½ weeks before Quiltwest opens so you will have time to save and enjoy some of her special workshops which are being offered to us. Because I know she will be in demand, I have reserved 4 days for workshops, plus she will come to sewing day (maybe with show and tell) and sewing night where she will be guest speaker during that week.


We would love to have your input on the types of workshops you would like to see; any particular techniques, styles or designers/tutors you would like to learn from, and what you consider to be the best time for workshops. We will try hard to provide something to suit everyone over the course of the year.

If you would like to provide some input, click here to fill in the survey form online and email to OR download and return it to: WA Quilters Association Inc., PO Box 188, Subiaco, WA, 6904.