Pop Ups

logoWe hold Pop Up instruction sessions at our monthly Sewing Day and Night meetings. These are by members, for members, so if you have a particular tip or trick you would like to share contact Megan: waqaqnews@gmail.com

Click on the links below for pop-up notes

April 2017 pippa’s anzac poppies

February 2017  monoprinting-at-home

January 2017 Tiiu’s ‘what to do with left-overs from jelly rolls’

January 2016 Labelling your quilts

February 2016 Scrap-booking your quilt

March 2016 Hand Piecing Tips

April 2016 Onesies and Twosies and a video tutorial (aka Mile a Minute and Crumb Chaos blocks)

June 2016 – Sewing Caddy: due to copyright issues we are unable to put the notes here but they can be emailed to you on request (contact: waqacoevents@gmail.com)