Quilt Displays at WAQA Meetings

WAQA is required to hold a number of General Meetings in order to provide an update to members on the status of the Association and allow for questions by the members on the workings of the Association.

At the general meeting held in the first week in June, in addition to the update from the President, the new WAQA constitution was made available for members’ scrutiny and comment.

Members were also treated to a presentation on some of the Anniversary Quilts from the WAQA Collection which were on show.

At the general meeting held in July (under COVID restrictions), the President provided an update on the status of the Association and then called for a vote on the new WAQA constitution. Thanks to the 50 members for attending and happily for the WAQA committee the new constitution was passed unanimously. Next step is for the Commissioner to approve the constitution.

A feature of the evening was a presentation by Pat Forster on the QuiltWest Best of Show Quilts, with many of them on display for viewing up close. Look out for the article in the next QQ for more information and pictures of these quilts.

The last general meeting for 2021 will be on 21 September at Sewing day, in the boardroom from 11:30am to 12:00pm. No special quilt display for that meeting, but plenty of quilts to see at the regular Show and Tell.

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