All Day Quilting at the No Sleep Retreat

What a way to spend a Saturday. There were smiles everywhere at the No Sleep Retreat last Saturday.

21 quilters got together at a lovely venue in South Perth to spend all day quilting (or working at other crafts). There was plenty of room for everyone to have their own table and set up their machines, cutting mats, and ironing stations. With additional space for a pinning table, ironing boards and laying out quilt blocks, no-one could have asked for more in order to work on their projects.

There was a lot of talking and laughing and every now and then an interruption for a prize draw, which a couple of times included exercise sessions for the shoulders and wrists. All in all a lot of fun and the time passed quite quickly. As people started getting ready to leave, Lesley went around the room getting everyone to show what they had been working on during the retreat. I didn’t think of taking photos until the end, so only managed to get one of her work.

Thanks to all who organized and helped with the No Sleep Retreat, it was a thoroughly enjoyable day and I’m looking forward to attending the next one. Iris Potter

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1 Response to All Day Quilting at the No Sleep Retreat

  1. RUTH MORGAN says:

    I am envious – am in UK still due to family illness problems, but had hoped to be back and rejoined long ago. I was a ‘proper’ member’ (not just an e-mail contact) from 1982 – 1998. Here we still cannot meet as groups although many zoom. Obviously the Guild is ‘waking up’ now and activities are planned. Anyone visiting in the Ely, Cambridgeshire area when travelling again, please feel free to contact me re anything ‘quilty’ going on here (or for any reason). Ely is a small market town (with a wonderful cathedral) but has at least 5 active quilting groups!!

    Ruth Morgan

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