Quilts Distributed to Families affected by Wooloroo Fire

On Saturday morning the quilts collected as part of the Wooloroo Fire Relief Quilt Drive were put on public display. Quite a few people ventured to Gidgegannup to view the wonderful quilts, although not all were able to be shown, as the generosity of quilters was so great that the number of quilts totalled close to 850.

Affected families were given the opportunity to select quilts Saturday afternoon or Sunday. It was a privilege to assist individual family members in finding that special quilt amongst those on display. The thought of all the time and effort that had gone into making the quilts made quite an impression on those that came to collect quilts. I was asked to pass on their thanks to the quilters for their generosity in providing such wonderful items.

A big thank you to all those who contributed in any way in making these wonderful quilts that provided such joy to those families affected by the bushfires. A very big thank you to Fleur and Nicola for all the work that went into the organising, planning and conducting the Quilt Drive.

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3 Responses to Quilts Distributed to Families affected by Wooloroo Fire

  1. Ginny O'Keeffe says:

    Fantastic effort. Congratulations to all involved. Big hearts make big deeds possible.

  2. Barb Rice says:

    That’s the heart of quilters. Congratulations on such a successful quilt drive, at a time of such need. Not only is the generosity of the quilters admired, but the beautiful quilts must have been had to part with. We don’t want more disasters but I hope the generous hearts of quilters always remains.

  3. Susan Creer says:

    Well done to all who contributed either making quilts,planning and organising the distribution.

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