QuiltWest New Dates July 14th – 18th

Please read the following notice to find out how it will affect you

QuiltWest has been postponed to July 14th – 18th following the recent lockdown in WA. 
Purple Tickets sold for the 2021 May Exhibition will be honoured. Expertise Events will not be issuing new tickets. Purple tickets will continue to be sold for the August Exhibition.

Q: What happens if you have already bought a ticket and can’t attend on the new dates?

A1: If you have bought a purple ticket at either sewing day or sewing night, you must return your ticket to the QuiltWest treasurer Beverley McDonnell who will arrange a refund.

A2: If you bought the ticket off the Expertise Events website they will refund you. You will need to email info@expertiseevents.com.au and explain why you can’t attend.

Our rosters coordinator will not be rolling the rosters over that we had in place for the May Exhibition. You will be able to put your name on the new rosters online from May 16th as well as put your name down for roster at the QuiltWest tables on our May and June Sewing days and nights.

Quilt Drop Off: Friday July 2nd Stirling Adriatic Centre 2pm – 6pm

The QuiltWest Committee has a positive attitude and everything is on track and running very smoothly as we prepare to present you with the exhibition in July.  
Please contact quiltwa@gmail.com if you have any queries

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