April – Sewing Day and Sewing Night

Sewing Day and Sewing Night held earlier in the week were both great events with lots of things to do in addition to catching up with friends. So special to have this quilt on display.

The ladies at the Community Quilts table were kept busy with members returning completed quilts or their BoM blocks. Other members were picking up quilts needing labelling, quilts needing binding, or packages of quilt tops, wadding and backing for quilting at home. Some members couldn’t resist looking through the magazines or books, with quite a few finding some worth buying. There was a display of quilts that had been handed in to Community Quilts earlier in the year.

This month there was also the opportunity to buy QuiltWest tickets, QuiltWest badges, Shop Hop Passports and pay for the Bus Trip. A saviour for some was the ability to pay by card, an option introduced this year at Sewing Days and Sewing Nights. It was good to see members signing up for QuiltWest Roster duty (which can still be done from the QuiltWest 2021 page).

The Pop-Ups were popular and information about them appeared in an earlier blog. A highlight of both Sewing Day and Sewing Night was the Show and Tell with a wide variety of quilts and other items on display, with some shown below.

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