Mock Judging 28th March 2021

Wow !!! what a day. It was a good turn out from the WAQA membership.

WAQA Judges at Mock Judging

The day was about helping members understand a little about what the judges are looking for in their quilt making journey. Trying to take the fear out of entering a Quilt to be Judged. The judges are not the quilt police they are there to encourage you  further in your quilt making  journey.

As the members arrived with quilts in hand we placed them on tables at each end of the hall. We then ran through the judging process with the judging team giving a small talk on various topics relating to the quilt construction, design, colour, finish and a few more.

As they received so much information we took a break for lunch which gave the members time to discuss what they had learnt.

Feeling refreshed we then divided the group into two with 4 Judges to each group. We then followed the process we would use to eliminate quilts but the members were the ones doing the eliminating. This gave way to some great discussions and at the end they had decided on a first second and third.  

Thank you to the Judging team It was a great day.

Cathie Gamble

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