Primarily Patchwork Group on International Women’s Day

What would be a great way for a quilter to celebrate International Women’s Day?

How about getting together with other quilters to chat and work on quilts?

I spent most of today with a lovely group of women that form the Primarily Patchwork Group. There was a lot of talk and laughter, with lovely stories of family and travel. There was even some work done on quilts or other projects. The variety of work that appears on the tables is always amazing and provides the starting point for many conversations. The women all have their own way of making their quilt tops, and in doing the quilting itself, so I’m always seeing and learning something new.

Sometimes though, you just need to sit and contemplate…

Some of the women brought in a few quilts to display which was a special treat for all, but in particular for the ‘newer’ quilters in the group. I thought it would be nice to show them to a wider audience so have included photos of them below.

All work done by hand by Fran
A Covid QuiltWest Award winner by Lauren
Top by Lauren (trees are piecework not applique!), quilted by her friend Jan Fozard
French Provincial fabrics quilt by Lauren
Stunning hexie quilt by Leonie
Quilted by hand – Sue W
Amazing piece of work done by hand and machine – Sue Campbell
A bright and colourful quilt as you go project – Sue Campbell

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