January – Sewing Day

Whilst I am enjoying some slow stitching and some time off work, and discovering the joys of the South West, others have been attending Sewing Day. Thanks to Pat Forster for words and quilt image.

The first Sewing Day of the year on January 19 was a buzz. Eventbrite registration was out, but supplying a phone number when signing in was required.

The day was spent catching up with friends and showing quilting that had been progressed during the break.

Community quilts had two eye-catching stands of block of the month quilts from 2020 (see one of the stands in the photo).   

Show and Tell was great, with a wide variety of quilts, including one of an unestablished age, that had been loaned to Cecilia Dihalu, as a result of WAQA Challenge Quilts being displayed in Stirling Seniors Centre and Library.

I also attach some images of Elephant Rocks and Green Pool at Denmark. To escape the crowds, we were on the beach today at 8am, a very much cooler and overcast day, so not as many people, a truly beautiful part of WA. On next to Albany, where I believe there is an excellent patchwork shop!!

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