Save the date!

All members are invited to the Mock Judging

When – 28th March 2021 – 9.30am – 3.00pm

Where – Alexander Park Craft House  Clyde Rd, Menora, Western Australia

Why you may ask.? Participating in a Mock Judging will give you an insight into how the judges come to their conclusions.

It is part of the WAQA education for the membership. It’s not about looking at the negatives of your quilt, it’s about how can we all improve and help each other. 

Many times at a judging the team will have two or three quilts that are equal in many areas but the hard part is finding the quilt that has just a little bit more and can take off a prize.

It’s not about lecturing but more about sharing knowledge.  We, the Judging team, would love to have you come along and join the fun.

Entry $5  

Please bring your own mug and lunch.

Bring along two quilts of any description.

During the day we will divide into teams and  have a chance to take part in the mock judging.

It is a chance to dispel the fear of judging as well as have fun.

Book by contacting Cathie Gamble at  


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