Rajah Quilt Revisited

It was a wonderful turn out at the Stirling Adriatic Centre for the WAQA AGM on Wednesday evening.

Aside from the changes to the Committee for 2021, we were treated to a wonderful presentation from Kerry Moore about the origins of the Rajah Quilt and Kerry was also the instructor, when the ladies required help.

You can also read more about the history of the Rajah quilt here:-


Many books have also been published about the Rajah quilt:-

My name is Lizzie Flynn; A story about the Rajah quilt by Claire Saxby.  This is a junior fiction book and is an ideal read for young children.

Patchwork Prisoners: The Rajah quilt and the women who made it by Trudy Cowley and Dianne Snowden

The Rajah Quilt by the National Gallery of Australia.

The above title is currently sold out, though may local public libraries have the title.

1788: The Brutal truth of the First Fleet by David Hill

The ladies gave their own twist or followed as closely as possible the history of the Rajah quilt that was made by women convicts bound for  Tasmania,  so long ago.  They gave themselves two years to complete their quilts.  These quilts were going to be shown at our annual Quiltwest exhibition, however with Quiltwest not happening in May, we are delighted that we could view them at our AGM.

Well done ladies.

rajah 1


rajah4Maker: Paula Nichols


Maker: Deb Costarella

rajah 5

Maker: Merle Fellows


Maker: Jill Linton

rajah 6


Maker: Robynne Vallence

rajah 9

Maker: Jan Reid

rajah 10


Maker : Edwina Woodin

rajah 12

Maker:Kerry Moore

raja 13

Maker: Val Gorey


Maker: Cherie Mincherton


Maker: Ann Thomson


Maker: Sandra Jorgensen

rajah 20

Maker: Pippa Savill


Maker: Cheryl Price

rajah 22

Maker: Glenda Olesen

rajah 27

Maker: Helen Dalgleish


rajah 25

rajah 29

Our guest speaker & instructor, Kerry Moore pictured with her Rajah Quilt.


Outgoing WAQA President- Leone Formentin & Incoming President- Lesley Clugston


Deb Costarella & Cherie Mincherton – two of the fabulous Rajah Quilt makers.

I do seem to be missing a photo of Wendy Stacey’s quilt who also participated. If you know Wendy, or Wendy if you are reading this post, I would love a picture of your Rajah quilt to add to this blog post please contact me via waqablog@gmail.comthank you.

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10 Responses to Rajah Quilt Revisited

  1. Vireya says:

    Wow! Thank you so much for the photos of all these beautiful quilts! And congratulations to all the makers. My Rajah has been languishing for 18 months or so, but seeing these I finally feel like working on it again.

  2. Susan creer says:

    Thanks for posting the quilts, they all look amazing . I’m sorry I couldn’t see them in person.

    Susan creer

  3. Virginia O'Keeffe says:

    What a great evening it was. Thank you Kerry for your very interesting presentation. I dont think many migrants to WA or even WA born [non Eastern staters] know much about the white settlement of Australia seeing as the early convict days were in NSW etc.. I would also like to thank Glenda Olesen whose presence at the Adelaide quilt fair as a judge, saw her meet with the originator of the pattern Lessa Siegele,see what the SA quilters had made and decide that it would be something for us in WA to try. She organised the arrival and distribution of the patterns.Glenda ran the day groups and Kerry ran the evening ones. I just wish Lessa had made one in the quite large original size. I may have then possibly have finished mine beyond the central panel. LOL Thank you ladies.

  4. Robin Gartner says:

    Congratulations to all the quilt makers. Your quilts are amazing

  5. judith fewings says:

    Beautiful quilts. A lot of talented quilters. Congratulations

  6. Beautiful patterns – congratulations

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