Beautiful Boddington


It was a beautiful day for a drive, so off I headed with the man of the house to Boddington, about an hour east of Pinjarra, Western Australia. I had an ulterior motive of course as their annual event, ‘Field of Quilts” was on, and hosted by the Boddington Arts Council.


The rain held off and it was great to see so many quilts on display. Hope you enjoy the photos. As I do not have permission from the other quilt makers, I have just shown a few that were made by Pat Forster & Lesley Warren.

I also had an email from Liz Humphries who tells me WAQA were well represented with quilts by other members, Robyn Freeman & Janie Pearson.

It was also great to chat with Cath Clarke from Bizzy Bee Patchwork, she was the featured quilter for 2020, and had many of her beautiful quilts on display, she also had many many beautiful patterns, fabric and kits on sale…. remember Cath will be at our Covid Quilt Exhibition in two weeks time to provide some retail therapy.

boddington 1

Above  “Nature’s Bounty” & below “Colour, Shape & Movement” by Pat Forster



“Little Guys” by Lesley Warren.

boddingtonCath Clarke -Featured Quilter at Boddington Field of Quilts 2020




boddington 3

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