AGM AND Ravishing Rajah’s




AGM and Rajah Expo

7 October, 2020

Doors open at 7pm

Stirling Adriatic Centre, Stirling, Western Australia


Presentation by Kerry Moore

Display of new interpretations of the Rajah quilts.

Members free, guests gold coin donation please.


This is an image of THE Rajah Quilt 1841from the NGV Victoria.  A advertising card from the Making the Australia Quilt 1800-1950, purchased at that exhibition by Lesley Clugston .

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2 Responses to AGM AND Ravishing Rajah’s

  1. Vireya says:

    I hope you will put some photos on your blog for those of us in other states (Vic) who would have no chance of seeing your Rajahs otherwise. Pretty please?

    • Most definitely. I will also be going to a small quilt exhibition in country Western Australia on Sunday. I believe many of our WAQA members will have quilts on display or for sale. I will endeavour to take photos if allowed, and share them with our blog readers. Thank you for your comments. Keep safe & healthy!

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