Quilters- nothing can stop them!

Earlier this year we decided to have a friendship block challenge. We each put together a bag containing our choice of fabrics and then began swapping the bags around the group. At the end of the year everyone gets their own bag back, full of lovely blocks.
As there are no rules, other than only use the fabric in the bag, it will be a challenge and a great learning experience, to work out how to put blocks of varying sizes and shapes together.

After being housebound for weeks, everyone was itching to meet up and swap bags, so we could make more blocks. When the rules changed to allow groups of ten to meet up we had a bag-swap-meet-up at Alexander Park Craft House car park (socially distanced, of course…)
This looks to be a weekly occurrence until we are allowed back through the doors.
Not even a virus can stop quilters quilting!



words and photo provided by Phil Thomas
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1 Response to Quilters- nothing can stop them!

  1. Catherine Gregg says:

    That is lovely Phil! Where is the show and tell ? Cheers Cathy Gregg

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