Isolation 9-patch

Since stay-at-home is the order of the day, I have used the time to play with colour, with blue and turquoise, left-over fabrics, the nine-patch block, and with Judy Campbell’s mantra of ‘value, value , value’ ringing in my mind; and a fractal layout, which means the same shape in different sizes. The quilt has three sizes of nine-patch—can you spot them? Value comes into it in that saturated and less saturated colours alternate across and down the entire quilt.


It’s a beautiful quilt Pat, reminds me of all the different colours of our oceans, thank you for sharing with our readers.

Words & image by Pat Forster.



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3 Responses to Isolation 9-patch

  1. Cathy Gregg says:

    Hi Pat, thank you for sharing! I love that quilt

  2. Dawn Nelson says:

    Stunning quilt. Very clever. Took me a few minutes to work out what the fractal layout was all about – but I got there.

  3. Robin Gartner says:

    A really interesting result Pat. There are more designs other than nine patch hiding in there. Clever! And beautiful

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