Covid 19 Creatives

Hello everyone, I trust wherever you are, that you are keeping well.  I do think in Oz, we are definitely one of the luckier nations, when you think about the rising death tolls in many other countries.

For many of you,  perhaps one of the joys of self isolation is having a little bit more time to indulge in crafty pursuits, pictured here are some lovely photos that have been sent to me and I share them here with you.

Liz Humphries has been keeping busy making scrub caps for our very busy health care workers,  gosh Liz that is quite the production line you have happening there.   Well done.


There is a Facebook group called, “Get Scrubbed” which you can join ( Western Australia content) and if you want to check out what the volunteers are doing you can click on the link below.  They were featured on the Channel 7 news a few nights ago.

Gwen Parry our Outreach Co-Ordinator has also been busy, I could say she is making these for grandchildren and maybe she is,  but I suspect that she is making them as donation for the Community quilt group!!

photo 2


Gail Bayly, our former Community quilts Co-Ordinator,  has also been  very busy and sent me some photos to share here.  I am sure Gail will be very relieved that she had her cruise Dec/Jan 2020 and was not caught up in the cruise ship happenings of March & April.

Great work Gail, I have a feeling these quilts are probably also going to be donated and I also have another feeling that you are making a big dent into your fabric stash!!



photo 10

photo 8

photo 9


Thank you ladies for sharing with our readers.

For many of you who are not in a good place at the moment I hope these posts will bring a little bit of joy into your day.  I hope you are managing as best as you can, and that you can reach out by phone to a friend or if you feel up to it, spend a little bit of time outside in nature.

Keep yourself and your loved ones safe. – Lorraine.

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3 Responses to Covid 19 Creatives

  1. Joan Day says:

    Hello Lorraine, I still have 3 breast cushions, one community quilt block and one toilet bag filled with goodies. Who can I deliver them to? Is it possible to deliver them to someone? Kind regards Joan Day

  2. Hello Joan if you live in the Perth metro area, you can contact Cathy on 0406 227 682 or Gwen 0437 907 072 and they will be happy to assist you. If you live outside the metro area please hang on to your donations. Hope this helps you. Lorraine.

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