Community Quilts Message

Hello Everyone

How is everyone going? We hope you are having fun with your sewing machines.

I toddled off and did the shop hop last week and the thing I have noticed the most about shop hopping is the ever so helpful ladies that run all the quilt shops! I garnered lots of helpful tips, spent too much money ate too much nice food, drank too much coffee and signed up to all the face book pages of our sponsors. I haven’t had time to fully check out the pages and what they are all sewing but I know there is some wonderful work being done. Have a look – you may find some great company while we are all self- isolating.

I would like to bring you up to date on the Community Quilts Busy Bees. We won’t be having any more bees until who knows when but I will let you know as soon as I know.

In the meantime- If you are making any quilts for CQ, We are and will be desperately in need of the following sizes and types:-

Teenage males 50” x 70” single bed quilts

Teenage female 50” x 70” single bed quilts

Children’s all ages 50” x 70” single bed quilts

Children 0 to 3 year old 40” x 50“cot quilts

Play mats for SCGH 40” x 40” children’s fabrics only please

Adult single bed quilts 50” x 70” or a bit larger is fine

Can you please put your finished quilts in to a plastic bag and seal the bag, we don’t know how long we will be unable to gather as a group and this will protect your beautiful quilt.

Pinning day (1) 24-01-2020I would also like to remind everyone that when we do get back together and you bring your quilted quilts in – please remind us to give you a raffle ticket to go in the lucky draw for the $150.00 vouchers prize.

In the meantime, please stay safe and take some photos and send them in to the blog so we can see what everyone is doing 🙂

words & image provided by Cathy & Andrea. -WAQA Community quilts.

and a mercy shout out from our QQ Editorial team –

QQ editors are panicking. No meetings to list in the next QQ, no QuiltWest results. So, HELP! Send a photo of that Community Quilt you are making while being ‘socially isolated’.

We would like to make a mosaic of Community Quilt photos to fill a page (or two!) in the June QQ. Photos of finished or partly finished quilts would be great!

Email the photos to  PLEASE!




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