Business as usual



Most of our sponsors are still open for business, with precautions all in place,   you may not be able to visit, however why not follow them on Facebook or check out their websites?

They have some wonderful ideas and you can see what they are getting up to during these very trying times and help support them by giving them a like or sending through a cheery comment.

I have touched base with the following shops, however you can view a full list of all our sponsors here:

If you are a WAQA sponsor and want our readers of this blog to know what your business is up to during these unprecedented times, please email me here :-

All of our sponsors have either a website or a Facebook page/Instagram,  it is a great idea to follow them, you will then know first hand:-

  • When classes will resume again
  • What events in the future they will be hosting
  • What stock they carry
  • Sales or promotions
  • Crafty suggestions  for self isolation


Handcrafters House – Midland

Website & Facebook page

Michelle and team will continue to trade until they are told not too.  All precautions in place and order are still being fulfilled.  They also have a great segment on their fb page, called, “Whats in the box” I love to watch this.

craft 2


Burnells/Bernina Australia – Inspiration Drive, Wangara. 

Website & Facebook page

I had to visit Perth on Monday and check on my mum in law, she lives very close to Bernina /Burnells in Wangara.  It was great to visit and chat with Tracey,  and again they are open for business and will continue to post orders whilst Aussie Post remains open.

Brad &Tracey also enjoyed seeing lots of people at the closing of WAQA Shop Hop.

craft 3


Craft Collections – Bunbury 

Website & Facebook page

They have the he new Tula Pink fabric range in store and also the  Tula Pink limited edition Bernina sewing machine.  Lots of  new stocks still arriving nearly every day,  They are keeping  regular business hours until told otherwise.

craft 1

Whether you need a $5 zip, a cotton reel or two, our stores can  assist you.  If you don’t want to shop online, then they are more than happy to talk to you via a phone call.

Sewing/quilting may be the last thing on your mind, or you may be sewing up a storm, you may be feeling very anxious or if perhaps if you are lucky you may still be earning a salary, if you can work from home.

What every situation you are in, do a few deep BREATHS every day.

We are all in the same boat, if you feel like sharing, a story or a photo with our readers- quilting or otherwise ( nature, your dog, something that is making you happy!!) then send to me here-

Thank you .



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