Quiltwest Postponed

The WAQA Quiltwest committee, have announced that Quiltwest 2020 is now postponed, due to the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19).
Please note if you are thinking of entering then please do!!  QuiltWest Entries are still “OPEN” and we will continue to accept entries and our deadlines are likely to be extended.
WAQA and the Quiltwest committee will continue and plan for the postponed exhibition.
Many different dates are being “bandied around”, but in truth no one really knows when the Craft show and Quiltwest exhibition will be on again at the Convention Centre in 2020.
Please continue to follow us on social media and our WAQA page and blog post for updates regarding classes, sewing day & nights, and of course events.
  • Remain positive
  • Check on your friends/family, quilting or otherwise.
  • Great opportunity to clean out your sewing room / and yee ha maybe work on your “stash”
  • Watch a comedy
  • Follow what our health officials are telling us all to do.
  • Check out the many online tutorials for sewing and quilting on Youtube.
  • Join a virtual sewing/knitting/crochet /embroidery/ group – there are hundreds of them popping up
  • You can still garden or go for a solo walk – enjoy nature, it will help ground you
  • Set up face time, so you can see your family and say G’day!!
Check out all the previous blog posts that have been posted over the years, of which there are many and enjoy looking at all the beautiful quilts and people we have featured.
Stay safe and as healthy as you can.
pat 2

Last but not least, our AMAZING Quiltwest team, along with volunteers who make it all happen for us to enjoy!!

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8 Responses to Quiltwest Postponed

  1. Virginia O'Keeffe says:

    A Huge Thankyou to all the committee for the work done so far. We shall all be streets ahead in the new year. I am sewing scrap quilts, a good time to tackle that stash for some purpose. Happy quilting and stay well, and does anyone know if we can buy on-line from local quilt shops?

    • Hi Virginia, I had to visit relatives north of the river today. Saw Tracey at Bernina they are still open and hope to touch base with Michelle at Handcrafters House. Without a doubt, I am sure whilst all Post Offices are still open, we can rely on our WA quilt stores to still be filling online orders. Perhaps one of our readers can confirm for sure.

  2. donna phelps says:

    thanks to our amazing Quilwest committee for a decision that had to be made one way or the other..we are behind you 100%.


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  3. Sandie says:

    Hi, Yes it’s the only way we can go given the extreme crisis at hand and the government directives. Home sewing and catching up on some of those many UFO’s. It’s lovely to re-unite with them.
    Just wondering about the book of raffle tickets I received last week in the mail. Do I send them back or hold on to them til further notice. Take care everyone and stay well and healthy and inside or in your garden!!
    Cheers Sandie B

    • Hello Sandie, I have directed your question to our President and Quiltwest committee. I have supplied them with your email address, so they should get back to you shortly. Once I know, I will also ask Alex post on facebook/instagram, so all our members will know what to do. Thank you. Keep well.

  4. Linda Penny says:

    Hello and thank you for letting me know that quilt West has been postponed. My question is about raffle tickets. I have sold my book but am self isolating so would like to transfer funds via direct debit. Please let me know how to do this. Also can I suggest that the raffle continues with the draw as promoted in May or delayed to when QuiltWest happens. If the latter this could provide the opportunity to print more tickets? Big BUT tho, I have sold my tickets to family strongly hinting that if they should win I could have the prize for a Bday present. As my Bday is in June my preference is for a May draw date! 😁

    • Hello Linda , thank you for your email. For all enquiries regarding Quiltwest raffle books, including holding on to them, selling them or monies already collected please contact Maria here:- mariaikier@hotmail.com or m: 04150 113 135. For yourself and others you can also view our WAQA webpage under the tab, Quiltwest, where we are posting many notifications:-https://waquilters.com/exhibitions/quilt-west/

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