Machine & Sandwiching Night

What a great night we had.  What an amazing array of quilts!



Seven quilts sandwich and so much learnt from each other.  One very large Liberty pieced quilt was hand basted for hand quilting, a learning experience for many of those present.

Only 2 machines were in use, but many paper-piecing blocks were completed and blocks put together for the center of quilt in progress.

The quilt conversation flowed all night!  Excited catch phrase was “ I have learnt something new”







I thoroughly enjoyed the evening, so much, that we will repeat the event on the first Wednesday of the month in April.  So get those quilts, backing and wadding ready and come & join us!

Wednesday, 1st April 7pm-9.45pm

Stirling Adriatic Centre

78 Jones Street, Stirling

$5 Entry

This is NOT an April fool’s joke!

Words and images provided by Lesley Clugston.





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2 Responses to Machine & Sandwiching Night

  1. Tiiu Stojanovic says:

    A great evening to get to know everyone better, achieve something, and a change of scenery to rest the weary soul.

  2. Thank you Tiiu, nothing like being in the relaxing company of friends and fellow quilters.

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