I Spy a WA Quilter

It is always a thrill when I look through quilting blogs, Facebook, instagram and quilting magazines and see lots of gorgeous quilts.  I am even more excited when I see it is the work of a Western Australian quilter.  Well done ladies, here are some things I have spotted of late.

In the latest edition of Quilters Companion,  No 101 there are pictures galore from last years Quiltwest exhibition , you can also read an article called Pathfinders which again features WA quilters, who focused their creativity on the Drunkards Path block.








Also instructions for ‘Dubai, Old Soak’ designed by Jenny Critchley, made by Jennifer and Greg, and also exhibited at QuiltWest 2019.

Quiltwest 2020 will run from 13th-17th May, a little earlier than normal. Save the date.

Also in case you didn’t know, if you are a current member of any WA Public library, this magazine and many many more, can be downloaded for free.  Contact your local library for full details, as how to set up an account.  It is very very easy.  Not only are there Australian quilt publications, but UK and USA ones as well.

The Textile Fibre Forum magazine, Issue 137, which is hot of the press, has an article on the Mount Magnet Quilt Project 2019, a WAQA group initiative, and another by the WAQA group ‘WA Inspired Art Quilters’ on exhibiting in non-traditional venues.

I always read the Fat Quarter blog, and was excited to see that Meg Byrne had entered a quilt into the Quilt Con exhibition , and one of the staff members from the Fat Quarter shop had listed it as one of her favourite quilts at the exhibition.  You can read the blog post here:- https://blog.fatquartershop.com/the-quiltcon-2020-recap/

Also a great honour for Michelle at Handcrafters House ( WAQA Diamond Sponsor) who has been selected to teach classes on long arm quilting at the International Quilt Show at Houston this year.  Well deserved,  Michelle, they are all going to love you!



Finally today, the lovely Silke Steuxner announced that her beautiful quilt had won 1st place at the Dubai International Quilt Show.  I spoke to Silke today, and she told me a little bit about her winning quilt.  Well done, Silke.

United we stand- Quilt

The idea for this Quilt came to me during a vision/dream one night, like most of my Art Quilts do. I created it during the height of the Australian bushfires. It had such an urgency to it to be created that I could barely stop or sleep. It took days to assemble it as all the animals wanted to come and be in this Quilt. It took over 60 hrs of quilting alone. The message of this Quilt – United we Stand- holds profound meaning for me and the recent events here in Australia have shown me that it is possible that this world can come together as One, that there is hope that we all can live peacefully as one people which includes animals, nature and people alike. We are one Universe, one nation and one people – United we Stand! 







If you would like to read more about Silke then head here to a blog post I did a few years ago:-  https://waquilters.com/2018/04/25/meet-silke-steuxner/

Well done WA Quilters and remember if you ever want to share your quilting journey, or any achievements, with me I would love to hear from you.

email me at waqablog@gmail.com

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4 Responses to I Spy a WA Quilter

  1. Desma Bennett says:

    Thanks for pointing that out. I’m of to get the magazine. Looks really interesting.

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. Catherine Gregg says:

    Congratulations to Silke on winning the Dubai International Quilt Show

    Regards Cathy & Andrea Community Quilts

  3. Phyllis Gulvin says:

    Thank you for all your entries on to the quilters blog.Thoroughly enjoy reading it and congratulations to you and all our talented quilters.

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