Quiltwest 2020

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Greetings members,

This month we cover the last of the categories for the exhibition.
Deciding on the correct category in which to enter your quilts can be confusing sometimes. Some quilts could fit into more than one category. We hope that the information will help you when choosing the right category for your quilts.

Some categories have a minimum size, whilst others have a maximum size. Please pay careful attention to the size requirement. Measure your quilts carefully to ensure that they fit within the restrictions.

Read the “TERMS & CONDITIONS of ENTRY” very carefully before signing and submitting your entry form. Your signature confirms that you have read, understood and are willing to abide by the Terms & Conditions for exhibiting in the QuiltWest Exhibition.

This category is open to all classes, Amateur, Professional or students.
There is no minimum size but there is a maximum size.
A quilt that is representational of a person, place, landscape, animal, object or thing, including naive and whimsical. In other words, the viewer should be able to recognise what the picture depicts. The quilt must be made predominantly from fabric, using any technique. It may include surface treatment and embellishments.

This is an Open category.
There is NO size limit.
Art quilts must be an original design as well as an original concept reflecting substantial deviation from traditional patterns and sets.
Includes abstract and pictorial designs.
Includes any technique, single or multiple types of surface treatments, manipulation, painting, embellishments, fibres, beading ect.
Can be hand or machine stitched and quilted, or a combination of both.
Edge finish to suit artistic intent.

A quilt made by two (2) persons.
Please note the the classes for each section of this category very carefully, as we have introduced some changes.

  • AMATEUR & AMATEUR – The top has been made by an Amateur Quilter and the quilting has been done by an Amateur quilter.
  • AMATEUR & PROFESSIONAL – The top has been made by an Amateur and the quilting done by a Professional or Commercial quilter. It may also include a quilt top made by a Professional quilter and the quilting done by an Amateur quilter.
  • PROFESSIONAL & PROFESSIONAL – The quilt top and the quilting has been made by two Professional quilters.

There is a maximum size limit only for this section.
This section includes all techniques, traditional, modern, predominantly applique and pictorial quilts.

This is an Open category and yes it is judged.
There is a maximum size only.
Please note the difference between this category and a “Two Person Quilt” category.
Also worked on by two people, with both having an equal input, in the design, planning, executing, assembly, quilting and finishing. No money for any work is exchanged.
This category will suit a team made up of mother and child, adult and child, two friends or any two people wanting to join forces to work on a project.

A quilt that has had the input of two or more people. Includes any design or technique, surface treatment or embellishment. Hand or machine stitched & quilted.
There is a maximum size limit only.

There are two (2) classes in this section, Amateur & Professional.
There is a maximum size limit only.
The quilt must depict a recognisable interpretation of the theme. It must have or show relevance to the theme or to the words in the theme. It is important to explain or to describe the interpretation, relevance or intention on the entry form as that will assist both judges and viewers.
The quilt may include any patchwork technique or design, surface treatment or embellishment, and can be made by hand or machine or a combination of both.

Still not sure……..we are here to help, so please feel free to contact us on quiltwa@gmail.com
Your friendly QuiltWest Committee

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