Pathfinders Exhibition, Katanning

EP1280846Pathfinders, a WAQA sewing group, was set up for the purpose of making and exhibiting quilts inspired by the Drunkards Path block (quarter of a circle inside a square). The group comprises Sue Rule, Robyn Clout, Lesley Clugston, Sharon Brown, Natalia Tasovac, Pat Forster and Liz Humphreys.

We agreed to make four 60inch x 60inch quilts each, over two years. We sewed independently and met about every four months for show and tell.

The project has been terrific fun and really pushed us to be innovative, especially when we each viewed the most recent masterworks of others in the group!

The culmination of our efforts is an exhibition in Katanning Regional Gallery October 26 – December 7.

It is a fabulous, well lit, spacious gallery so perfect for the large bold quilts. Every patchwork/quilting technique imaginable is represented, and the quilting shows up marvelously in the gallery lighting.

You will never see quilts in a better spot than this, so why not visit? Feedback is that local people are really enjoying the exhibition, particularly the art and craft groups.

There is passing traffic too since the Gallery is in the same building as the library. We cannot thank James Wood (the gallery curator) enough for offering us the gallery and for his arrangement of the quilts. Gallery hours are

Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri 10.00am – 5.00pm

Wednesday 1.00pm – 5.00pm

Saturday 10.00am – 1.00pm

Sunday Closed

An added bonus to visiting the exhibition is that you can enjoy coffee or lunch in the Premier Mill Dome Café. Premier Mill has been recently renovated and is a super building to visit.

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6 Responses to Pathfinders Exhibition, Katanning

  1. Elizabeth Humphreys says:

    The exhibition has been open since OCTOBER 26. A wonderful opportunity for regional quilters and travellers to visit this amazing collection of quilts.

  2. Pat Forster says:

    Oops, made a mistake with the starting date. Will get it corrected

  3. Vicki Lynch says:

    Will this exhibition be travelling anywhere else ?

  4. Pat Forster says:

    Part of the exhibtion will be at AQC in Melbourne in April, whole exhbtion will be at QuiltWest 2020, thenwe are working on having it in Central Park Foyer in Perth soon after QuiltWest whewe the quilts will be for sale.

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