Members Retreat 2020

A WAQA Members’ retreat has been organised.  You can escape and spend three enjoyable days with friends.  You only need to stop for a meal break or to walk along the beach.  The venue is fully catered and the price includes breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Morning and afternoon tea is also made available. The rooms are all single rooms with ensuite and the sewing room is spacious and well lit.


VENUE: St John of God Retreat House, 47 Gloucester Crescent, Shoalwater


WHEN: Thursday 12 March to Sunday 15t March


COST: 3 Nights a total of $420

Form Can be found in our Retreats section : Retreats

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3 Responses to Members Retreat 2020

  1. Donna says:

    yes ladies, cost has been increased by SJOG this year, off top of my head an extra $5 per person per day…

    Already I have 9 names down so get in quick. cheers
    donna – retreat convenor, don’t hesitate to phone oe email me if any queries…
    check registration form for my contact details 😀

  2. Tiiu Stojanovic says:

    Hello Donna, Can you put my name down for the retreat – The cheque will be in the mail

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