Introducing Alex

My name is Alex Witteveen and I have been quilting since 2007 when my husband and I lived for a year in the US.  I had the privilege to learn the craft in Fredrick, Maryland in a small quilt shop in a beautiful heritage house. I learned a lot about the civil war and the quilting history of the area.

When we moved back to Australia, my mother in law Tiiu Stojanovic took me under her quilting wing. Today I try as much as possible to make time for quilting but with working as a primary relief teacher, having my own tutoring business and two children there seems to be not enough hours in a day. I have recently taken the plunge and learned English paper piecing, love how easy it is to take it anywhere. I do love social media and how it inspires me with quilting but also with teaching and parenting.

This is why I volunteered for this position and I hope I can help inspire you and inform you of all that is happening  in our quilting community.


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3 Responses to Introducing Alex

  1. Michelle McCarthy says:

    Thank you Alex

  2. Megan Byrne says:

    So happy to meet you Alex. I hope you enjoy playing with waquilters.

  3. Anne Trigg says:

    Hi Alex

    Welcome and thank you for taking on the position. I’m sure you will do really well.

    Best wishes

    Anne Trigg.

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