Free motion frenzy

What a fantastic weekend was had by all of us  who attended the Angela Walters workshop.

A big very thank you to WAQA, Michelle at Handcrafters House and our very own workshop co-ordinator, Cherie Mincherton for making this event all come together.

Angela was an absolute stand out as a teacher and had everyone hanging on her last word, she was engaging, knew her subject very, very well and I think everyone went home feeling that they could get the hang of  free motion quilting.

Practice…. practice….practise.

Thanks to Michelle for hosting the workshop at Handcrafters and as for Cherie, it was her last workshop as WAQA Co-Ordinator and it was  a beauty!!

Pictures from the day.



Angela learning some new Aussie slang words to take back home with her.






Angela with Vanessa from Patchwork at Homespun quilts in Willagee.


Tanya from Cotton Rose in Vasse, getting her machine ready for a days freemotion quilting.


Cherie & Angela


Angela & Deb


Janice, Carolina,Vanessa,Cherie,Tanya Meg & Angela.


Angela & Lorraine

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