AGM & Angela Walters = Awesome

What a fantastic turn out on Wednesday night for our AGM.  Nearly all positions have been filled, with the exception of a few and I am sure our President Leone will keep us all updated.  So it’s a big thanks to everyone who have taken on the vacated roles and a big thanks to those who fulfilled these roles, some for a number of years and for those who are continuing in their positions, you know what it is all about, so continue to ENJOY!!  I am sure we will get to know  our new committee members in the not too distant future.

One very special member Gail Bayley, who everyone knows is just the most giving person in the world, stepped down from her position as Community Quilts Co-Ordinator and was awarded with the Golden Services award, for her contribution to WAQA,  She received a very beautiful framed embroidery, that was made by Beverley McDonnell, our Association secretary.

Once the formalities were completed we had a very entertaining talk and show and tell by Angela Walters who is here courtesy of WAQA and Handcrafters House.  No AGM is complete without refreshments and Carla and her mum Jeanette, excelled themselves.   Big thanks to Cherie Mincherton, who also had a lot of input with Angela being in WA and also  the co-ordinating of the weekend workshops.

Some very interesting tips given by Angela: if you are quilting a white background quilt and have lots of colours to deal with as well, use a very pale yellow thread for the quilting, it seems to blend in with the background and doesn’t stand out so much in the colours.  Angela also usually matches the top and bottom threads so there is no problem if there is a small tension issue.

Lots of photos to scroll through, enjoy.  Thank you to Deb for extra pics and Kerry Moore for some extra wording.   Go and get yourself a cold or hot bevvy, lots of pics!!


A captive audience!


Enjoying our wonderful supper courtesy of Carla & Jeanette.



Jeanette, Carla, Michelle and Jeremy; Angela’s hubby



Michelle Pearson, from Handcrafters House, WAQA diamond sponsor pictured with Deb Costerella ( WAQA PR and marketing consultant)



Cherie Mincherton, Meg Hutchison and Angela Walters.


Meg , Cherie, Lorraine & Gail


Out with the old committee

The show begins





Grandfather Ford, who started Angela on her quilting journey. ( Jeremy’s Grandfather)







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