Mt.Magnet & Murchison Magnificence

Quilts made for the Mount Magnet Astro Rocks Fest next weekend (Sep 20-22) are ready to go. Some depict or reference landscapes that are linked to Aboriginal night-sky narratives. Others depict or reference rocky landscapes in the Murchison that hold significance for Aboriginal people. The purpose of the quilt project is to foster better appreciation of Aboriginal history and culture, through exhibiting and talking about the quilts. Three presentations have been made, one at a Rotary Breakfast, another at a Tourism Workshop for people in that industry, and a third at Contemporary Quilt Group. The quilts will be exhibited and for sale with paintings by Aboriginal artists, at their Wirnda Barna Gallery in Mount Magnet. Most quilts are included on the poster below. WAQA members Stella King, Pat Forster, Liz Humphreys and Meg Cowey have organised and made quilts for the project. Roberta Chantler, Hilary Arber, Stephanie Knudsen and Virginia O’Keeffe also contributed quilts. More about the quilts can be found on the web – search on Mount Magnet Quilt Project.

poster final

Thank you to Pat Forster for the above words. Well worth a visit, especially with all our wonderful wild flowers on show,  adding to a wonderful exhibition.

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6 Responses to Mt.Magnet & Murchison Magnificence

  1. Pat Forster says:

    Thanks for posting the info. We are really looking forward to the wonderful program in place for the Mount Magnet Astro Fest.

  2. Elizabeth Humphreys says:

    Really looking forward to our weekend in Mount Magnet and presenting our quilts to the visitors to the festival.

  3. Joan Day says:


  4. Gemma Poli says:

    I am the extremely proud owner of Roberta Chantlers inspirational “Lake Barlee” I’ve just got it back from a very talented Wood Worker of Native wood, in my case we chose Silky Oak left with all its curves and grace. It accents the quilt perfectly. It will be hung in my business premise which is Gems Outback Diner. I cannot quite believe that I, Me, actually own such a beautiful and evocative piece of art. Thank You Roberta, I cannot resist staring at it and consequently done very little housework today! I will get a photo of the quilt in its frame and send it to Pat Forster and Karen Morrissey.

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