Sensory Quilts required

Words by Gwen Parry.  If you can assist in any way please contact Gwen, as per details below.  Or catch up with Gwen at sewing day/night in September, October or November if you have a quilt to donate or require more information.  Our meetings are held at Stirling Adriatic Centre, Jones Street in Stirling, Western Australia.  You can check out the dates and times on our webpage below.

‘Enactus’, a group of volunteers at UWA have asked for our help. They are developing a programme to engage young people in the sewing and production of “Sensory Quilts” for use by people with Dementia / Alzheimer’s. Unfortunately, they are unlikely to meet their 2019 target of producing 100 such quilts and so have asked for our help to make some.

Sensory / Fidget / Busy quilts are featured on many sites on Pinterest or Google with inspiration and how -to instructions. The Busy quilts provide a soothing sensory experience and a safe way to occupy fidgety hands.

* The quilts should be close to 25”x25” finished.

*Each quilt should feature fabrics of a variety of textures, colour and type.

* The quilt must be washable.

* All fidget items need to be attached securely so that all parts remain firmly attached.

Enactus is encouraging recycling and reusing so please don’t buy any fabric or notions. I am sure between us we all have plenty to share. I will bring some fabrics on Sept sewing day / night.

Enactus is in short supply of quilts suitable for men

I would therefore ask you to have fun and make one, two or a dozen. I will collect at sewing day/night in Sept, Oct , Nov .

Thank you on behalf of Enactus and the sensory quilt recipients.

Gwen Parry ( 0437907072 or

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