A big heartfelt thank you from Gail!

WAQA Community Quilts is a large group of committed volunteers who provide their expertise, fabrics and skills to the making quilts as gift for community members suffering chronic illnesses or one of many  the many life challenges we face..  Quilts are giving as an act of caring and support for those in need,  A quit is a gift which the recipient can carry throughout life with them and wrap themselves in it any time life challenges them, knowing the a person or persons whom they have never met care enough about their personal situation to spend time, skill and effort gifting them a beautiful, individual, and  hand made personal gift.

These quilters contribute in a wide range of ways depending upon their own personal situation.  Some make quilts, other quilt tops, some make Block of the Month blocks, while others making backings, quilt the quilts sew on bindings and labels.  There many jobs to be dome and every contribution, no matter how small, makes a difference to the recipient of the quilt.

In my role as co-ordinator over the past three year I have had many heart-warming experiences meeting these quilters and the recipients of their work.  It has been a privilege I wish on everyone who has contributed.  There are the people who are downsizing or moving into care and need to lessen their load, yet the fabric they have has a value to them which may not be reciprocate by family members and they express their joy at knowing we will put their treasure to such good use.  Those who have recently lost loved ones and have no idea what to do with all that fabric and thrilled to know it can be put to such great use. There are those who are overwhelmed by the gift of the quilt.

This week I had a call from Megan.  She simply said Gail can I come over I have a few things for you.  She arrive later in the day with 18 exquisite competed cot/lap sized quilts.  She wanted nothing more than to contribute.  Such is the generosity of WAQA members.

Rhonda, who lives down south, has been quilting for WAQA for at least 7 years to my knowledge and has quilted over 600 community quilts.

Thank you all for your contribution.  I have valued it immensely.  Each of of you who has made a contribution has positively impacted the life of another.

Thank you to all.

Beautiful words and photos submitted to me from Gail Bayly, our WAQA Community Quilts Co-Ordinator.


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6 Responses to A big heartfelt thank you from Gail!

  1. Kay Gibbs says:

    I am a member of the Patchers & Quilter’s of the Hay Plains in western NSW. I have several quilt tops that I would like to send over to you as part of your Community Quilts project. I think it is wonderful what you are doing. I cannot find an addresses to send them. Could you help me out please?? Regards Kay

  2. Rhonda says:

    Minor correction — I haven’t quilted more than 600 quilts (as yet). To date, just over 460.

  3. Virginia O'Keeffe says:

    Your contribution is immense Gail, enjoy your free time.xx

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