The show must go on!!

Once the doors of the convention centre were closed to the public, it was the turn of our amazing helpers and QuiltWest committee to start the hard work of getting the Exhibition down in time for members to pick up there quilts.

Yet, after putting every quilt in their bags, it was not over for the committee, they still had to pack up all the stands, fold the drop cloths, pack up the hooks in size, pack the poles, dismantle displays and ring the raffle winners.  All this had to be attended to before posts were sent to social media and photos to website.

They then had to be back at the convention centre on the Monday Morning to help load all the equipment and unload back at the storage centre.

This was all done with a smile knowing that the exhibition was a success .

Now it is time for you to consider helping next year.  QuiltWest for 2020 is looking for a new leader and several committee for QuiltWest to be an ongoing success into the future.

If we don’t get any help there will not be an exhibition.  Many hands make light work.  Some of our current committee have been helping for last 4 years and need a rest.  Please, please help us to keep this exhibition going.




Words by Cathie Gamble & images by Natalia Tasovac.

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1 Response to The show must go on!!

  1. Megan Byrne says:

    Fantastic coverage of QuiltWest Lorraine. Loved every minute.

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