Quiltwest – Final

The last of my photos and comments from this years Quiltwest. Enjoy!

new 656

The contemporary quilt ladies were in full swing . This is their challenge which was called “letters”. This group is always full of inspiration!

It is also wonderful to see up close many of the winning quilts from this year’s Australian Quilt convention held in Melbourne.  I also really enjoyed looking at the quilts again from AQC that depicted the theme, “Magic”


new 677



new 679


Always a pleasure to run into these ladies!

new 744

Penny Atkins, Julie McAllister & Meg Cowey

new 747

Rosalie Sutton and Ginny work tirelessly with the Young Sew & Sews group, to ensure that the quilting bug will continue for another generation to come.

pat 2

Last but not least, our AMAZING Quiltwest team, along with volunteers who make it all happen for us to enjoy!!

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2 Responses to Quiltwest – Final

  1. WA Quilters Association Exhibitions Coordinator says:

    You have done s wonderful job! Thank You’\ Lesley Clugston


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