Quiltwest Part 2

I hope you have all been having a look on WAQA facebook page, two albums have been created of the quilts that either won or were highly commended in their categories, at Quiltwest 2019

As stated before in my last post, it was wonderful to see so many groups and people at Quiltwest.  Enjoy reading this post of my adventures.

new 503

Helen O’Hara with her quilt, “Antiquity” that got a 3rd place in the Small quilts-Amateur section.

new 501

Helen was also involved in this project where children made their own prayer flags. Pictured here are Lilly and Niamh, who were really enjoying a great day out.

new 470

Didn’t catch you this year, Helen Owens! However saw your award winning quilt “Mary Bridget” First, in traditional quilts amateur. Well done.

new 479

Golden Hexagons by Jennifer Grabsch. 2nd place -Traditional quilts amateur.

new 493

I loved this one too. “Flowering snowball ” quilt by Melinda Storey.

new 494

“Kimberley Adventure” by Cathie Gamble.

new 508

“March of the Robots” by Julie McAllister, Julie’s comment was, “it is a great way to use up scrap fabric.

new 591

Our junior quilters are awesome! I wonder what they will present us with in a few years time. This quilt called “Colour my world” by Tessa Schifferli picked up 1st place in the Student Quiltmaker Junior section. I love it!!

new 532

“Hidden”by Stephanie Knudsden, this was made with a second hand dress as the background and then shot cotton, improv pieced. Very striking.

Please enjoy your Sunday viewing, I still have a few more things to load.

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