Leap and the net will appear

We are so excited that our annual open night will be held on June 5 at the Stirling Adriatic Centre, Jones Street,  Stirling (Western Australia) at 7pm.

This is a wonderful opportunity to see what WAQA is all about, as well as meet the Co-Ordinators of our small groups, for whom teaching and quilting are their passions!!


open night1

Pictured some of the wonderful teachers at last years Open night.


We are also excited that our special guest speaker at this event will be Lisa Walton, this is how Lisa describes herself:-

Creating art with beautiful textiles has been my life for over 25 years…

Starting with traditional quilt techniques over 25 years ago,  I quite quickly developed the urge to break the rules.

My fascinations with dyeing started about 18 years ago and I now share the dyeing with my husband Peter who enjoys the precision of formula based dyeing while I am able to concentrate on more serendipitous and experimental pieces.

I have a passion for sharing my knowledge and teaching and in 2010 I was awarded the Jewel Pearce Patterson Scholarship for Quilting Teachers by the International Quilt Association in Houston USA.

I am honoured to be the current President of Studio Art Quilts Association and encourage all textile artists to join this wonderful organisation of like minded souls.

Lisa has an online shop, Dyed and gone to heaven and she also has have a wonderful range of fabrics, paints and tools as well as her gallery store on her website.

Lisa loves quilting and also food, this has opened up lots of doors for her and at the moment is in the middle of organising a textile and food tour to Morocco and Spain.

Lisa’s  talk on the open night is called Leap and the Net will Appear and it is about my creative journey and how I needed to make difficult decisions along the way to get to where I am now.

You can read more about Lisa on her website, Lisa Walton textile artist.

What are you waiting for quilters, can’t wait to see you at Open night.

lisalisa 2


lisa 3

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