How to enter “Stitched & Bound”

A friendly reminder that the Stitched and Bound exhibition is to be held at Zig
Zag Gallery, William Street, Kalamunda, October 11 – 27 2019
This exhibition offers an opportunity for you to have your original and different
creations displayed in a beautiful art gallery.
On line entries open on May 15 and close June 30

This is a juried exhibition, please read the conditions of entry carefully.
Help articles include suggestions for photography, writing artists
statements and importantly when is a work original ?
CQG is running a workshop on writing an artist’s statement at their April
meeting. If you miss this then examples will be available from the CQG


In 2017 Jannette (Jan) Campbell entered this work.

A Natural Canopy
Interpreting the colours and markings of the natural canopy formed
by the trees and foliage in a dense forest.
Jan loves the Kantha style of uneven stitching and finds it both
rythmic and absorbing.
Avocado, raspberries, pomegranate, geranium and eucalyptus,
were used to dye recycled silk which was then stitched with a
variety of silk and cotton threads, creating an original and innovative work

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