March Madness

March has been a very busy month.  Shop Hops, both metro and country with amazing feedback from everyone who attended, workshops and then our wonderful Sewing Day and Sewing night.  A big thank you to Leanne Lazarus, who always manages to send me some great photos.  As always quilters, if your quilt is featured you may want to send me a quick email, if you would like your name attached to your wonderful work of art!





Carla, sharing information about her Temperature quilt, that she has been working on.

Gwen getting her coffee fix at Lady Latte van, who will be in attendance at every sewing day from March onwards.






Also one of the many photos from shop hop, sent to me by Gwen, and with her added comments.  Thanks Gwen.

We met this lovely lady at Carol’s in Midland today . She was working at the shop today but was bubbling over about the fun she had had on the previous 2 days shophopping . TJ was so excited she joined WAQA and  has already booked her husband to drive her and her sister who will fly in from  the Eastern States for next year’s event
Gwen also adds, that the  shopping has been fun but meeting others along the way has made it even better !  I think many of you agreed with these sentiments.



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