Pure Radiance

With thanks to Meg Cowey from Our House Quilts blog for sharing this information.

Each year at QuiltWest, the West Australian Quilters Association quilt exhibition, there is a raffle to support the Royal Flying Doctor service. First prize is an ‘exceptional’ quit. Last year, the Quirky Quilters were invited to create the first prize.

With some trepidation, six of the Quirky Quilters took on the task. It took us a couple of months to settle on a design. Six quilters – there was a huge range in preferred styles! After visiting AQC in April, the quilt Antelope Canyon  caught our attention. The pattern was purchased and permission granted by the designer for us to use it for the raffle quilt


Julie did a lot of preparation, sorting Kaffe Fassett jelly rolls into colour grade. Then we were all set for three days of hyper-productivity. We met at  Quirky Quilts central and  set up cutting stations and sewing machines.




The whole thing went very smoothly and we were all finished by lunchtime on Day 3.

Susan and Meg holding up the finished quilt.

The quilting was completed by Carol Brady, a professional quilter, who is a member of WAQA.


Phil added the binding

radiance 5

We settled on Sheila’s  suggestion for the title RadianceJulie purchased a pillowcase to use as a quilt bag and Sheila made a beautiful label for the quilt and bag. We had a lot of fun making this top and we are all proud of the finished quilt.

Raffle tickets are on sale at Handcrafters House,  WAQA meetings, and QuiltWest


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2 Responses to Pure Radiance

  1. Pat Forster says:

    Well done Quirky Quilters on the beautiful quilt.

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