Twice as Nice at AQC

I had a lovely email during the week from Lana Lefroy,   Lana and her twin sister Jan Fisher, who is a WAQA member have had their entries juried into the Mini Challenge Self Portrait .  I know many of our members are heading over to Melbourne for the show this year, so please keep an eye out for these very eye catching mini quilts.

Here is the story about their quilts.

I made up two backgrounds of photos of us and challenged my twin Jan to do it with me.

First Twin by Lana Lefroy

I had to lead the way as she was too scared to go first. She says she had to kick me out as I was too scared to go first (both born breach). We were always dressed the same and received the same things, otherwise we argued. If things weren’t the same colour, I received the blue one and she got the red. She is my other half, so half of me is depicted in blue and she is represented as part of me, in red. How lucky we are to be twins.

Eleven Minutes Later by Jan Fisher

My twin is awesome! She taught me to quilt which has allowed us to make quilts together. We have always been told we have beautiful eyes, however I think it is because we are kind, balanced people. We have much to give, which we do through our work as nurses. Our passion though, is using quilts as a voice for nature that is being negatively impacted. Our quilts are unique; they aim to engage, raise awareness of our environmental plight and to provoke thought about the future of our children and generations to come.

Thank you for sharing your story, Lana .  I love the quilts that you and Jan have made.

First twin by Lana Lefroy

Eleven minutes later by Jan Fisher

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  1. Avril Curtis says:

    I am requiring for myself, Avril Curtis and Barbara Daniels. We have not received our ‘passports’ yet, and were told they would be delivered personally. However, if this is a problem I am more than willing to collect them. I would be grateful if you could let me know s soon as possible. Many thanks

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