Young Sew & Sews


The 2nd Annual Young Sew ‘N Sews’ Holiday Quilting Fest, which takes place every Monday in January, was a great success.   The four weeks gave an opportunity for the older members of Young Sew ‘N Sews to complete items and learn new skills. The teachers, Rosalie Sutton and Fran Schifferli and helper Sandy Sutton-Mattocks were impressed not only with the standard of items produced but also with the work ethic, good behaviour of the students and the developing comradeship.

It was a joy to see that so many of the girls had been given much loved sewing gifts for Christmas that would enable them to continue to pursue their hobbies of both hand sewing and machine sewing. There were sewing notions and containers, fabric, a quilting foot, rotary cutters, and even trolleys to make it easy to transport their sewing machines. They all put them to good use.

The venue at the Function Room of a Riverside Apartment made the quilting fest comfortable and fun with the students having an hour of swimming at the resort-like pool at the end of each day under the watchful eye of sewing supervisors and parents. The kitchen facilities with fridge and microwave made it easy for lunch and morning tea refreshments.  Large tables with plenty of power points for machines and iron, plus large open areas for pinning quilts made it easy to create both an individual work station and a general area to negotiate and share.

Even though there was a good deal of preparation from the teachers for the quilt fest in setting up the room, providing tuition materials and teaching new skills, as well as for the parents and the students to be organised and ready with lunches and sewing equipment, it was very rewarding to see every student make real progress with their projects.  Some were prolific with many items completed. Others worked on larger quilts or larger embroidery projects. All the girls learnt half square triangles, 2 at a time and 8 at a time and flying geese blocks. Many other techniques were reviewed so that they could make these into blocks.

On Saturday 2nd February we had 15 girls reviewing setting up a sandwich and straight-line quilting. This was done on the large (15 inch) courthouse steps block made the previous meeting. Those who didn’t make the January meeting worked on post and rail blocks.

It was also very unexpected at our first February meeting when the  Young Sew ‘N Sews presented Rosalie, Fran and Sandy  with gifts of potted herbs and  a beautiful thank you card signed by all the students of the Quilt Fest.  A lovely touch and much appreciated.

We also say thank you to our two parent helpers and  Joan Shaw, and Madeleine Innes.


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1 Response to Young Sew & Sews

  1. Megan Byrne says:

    Going from strength to strength in this group. Congratulations!

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