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With permission from Phil Thomas and the contemporary group ladies, I am sharing their latest blog post.  A new year and new beginnings;  if you have thought about joining WAQA and attending one of our groups- perhaps this is the one for you.

I hope you enjoy the post and if you want to be a part of the contemporary group, then please contact Phil or another member of the group who will be more than happy to answer any of your questions.  Or click on this link for further details about where our contemporary members meet and when.


A little peak at some of our fabulous Contemporary quilt group ladies.

A belated Happy New Year everyone and welcome to the Contemporary Quilt Group for 2019.

Many of you will have visited Louise Wells’ recent exhibition “Of Our Time – Ordinary Lives” at the Midland Junction Arts Centre. We are delighted to say that Louise will be with us in February to, firstly, talk about the inspiration for and practicalities of her exhibition and, secondly, to lead us in an activity exploring the techniques she uses to develop ideas and concepts for her work. This will be useful to all and is particularly timely for those working towards “stitched and bound” or any other 2019 exhibition submissions.

Requirements for the Concept Development session
Participants to bring pens or pencils and paper/notebook/ journal.

In a slight change to our normal routine Louise’s talk and activity will be first up followed by Show and Tell as always.
Then we want to pick up on a suggestion from December; what might be termed a ‘show and ask session’ – Bring It Before You Bin It. Please bring your failures or anything that has got completely stuck so that the group can offer suggestions before you write it off as a WOMBAT. It was also suggested that we might take over each other’s work if we see
possibilities where the originator is just ‘over it’, but we’ll leave that to individuals to negotiate. As it follows Louise’s session this might be a good place to apply some of her concept development techniques.
We look forward to seeing everyone on 8th February to kick off CQG 2019!

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2 Responses to Contemporary Group WAQA

  1. Anne Trigg says:

    I’ve forgotten what the B in WOMBAT stands for.


    Anne Trigg

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