Temperature’s Rising

Carla Smales is on a mission in 2019, and shares the start of her journey here. Thanks Carla for your article and we are looking forward to your updates.

Are you a starter or a finisher or both?

Have you done a stock take of your WIP ‘s for the coming year with a plan to finish them off or are you planning to turn a blind eye and start something new ?

I love the beginning of the year as it provides such a great sense of inspiration. Following along on social media there is always a new trend, style, fabric range, book or quilt along starting and I’ve been trapped again !!!

I’ve got a busy start to the year with a few secret sewing projects due by June and then also ticking along with my EPP ( English paper piecing ) project Quatro colour quilt  by Sue Daily .  Being 100% realistic I’d like to have it done for my 40th so only around 96 months to go before I have to hit the panic rush button.

Never the less I AM going to START a new project in 2019 , I just can’t help myself.

With the aim of a January 2020 finish I Knew I needed to get organised, also commonly known as procrastination so send me all of your speedy stitching luck !!!

The idea of this project is one that I stumbled upon a few years ago when watching a crochet tutorial.

The temperature quilt as it is commonly named is a knitted, crocheted or quilted blanket where the temperature of each day of the year is recorded and then stitched out. You are guided by the weather so you can not skip ahead to whatever colour you feel goes best.



Image credit @olivesandpickles on Instagram

Or this one for the quilters out there – @aquiltingsheep shared her version (which I love) as it has used the minimum and the maximum temperature figures for each day.


Image @quiltingsheep (Instagram)

My design thoughts so far.

I love the Aerial Grove pattern by Carolyn Friedlander and it has been floating around my Pinterest board for a while – so have started my sketch there, as I just love the neat and orderly rows set out with many irregularly shaped Squircles. As quite a particular person, I have challenged myself to cut mine free hand – eeek!!!

At the moment I plan it to be a grid of 12 months across and up to 31days down the length of the quilt, though should this not look right, I will of course edit the design as I go along.

 My fabric choice background

The fashion world seems to have a pretty strong hold on what colours are in vogue – and unless you make your own clothing, sometimes you do have to make do with what is on offer.

I tend to wear a lot of autumn tones – and although I have tried the rusty and mustard hues on in the past as they are everywhere, I just feel that they are not ‘fab’ on and are colours that don’t suit my frame or complexion (even after some serious calorie counting and spray tanning!)

So, after all that, this year I’m going to sew with the colours I don’t wear. I’ve gone with 3 solids I love in both the warm and cool colours.


Colour breakdown

My temperature breakdown is not very uniform as we don’t have a lot of cool days here in Perth – so I am hoping for a bit of variation in the end product.

I guess time will tell if it’s a good idea or not – It was really the only way I could have a bit of creative control!


My fabric temperature break down reference

I guess I leave you with the line that I really am at the mercy of the weather gods for this project!!!

I am looking forward to sharing with you as the months roll on.

Wish me luck.

There are many many more images out there on quilting blogs and instagram. If you just “google” temperature quilts, you will be amazed at what you will  find.  PS Do not google if you are in a rush, allow yourself time to devour the images. Elm Street quilt blog is doing a temperature quilt in hexagons, worth a look for some slow summer sewing.

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5 Responses to Temperature’s Rising

  1. Megan Byrne says:

    WOW! Such a great idea. Any chance of a sew along, i’d Love to give this a try!

  2. Anne Trigg says:

    Thanks for such an interesting post.

  3. Lesley says:

    I’m thinking there could be a bit of variety also if you did the days minimum and maximum …gosh all sorts of possibilities for daily sew alongs….well done you….

  4. Allison Fosbery says:

    Hi Carla.. in 2017 I saw a temperature crochet blanket being down by one of the Geraldton girls while we were on retreat at Avalon. As my husband would be turning 60 2019 I decided I would make him a temperature quilt as he is in Agriculture and the weather is his world. I decided to do the temperature s for the year he was born- 1959. So the planning started. We had his birthday in January and he was stunned with his present. I used the Bureau of Meteorology temperature legend to guide me to pick the fabric colours and did both the minimum and maximum as well as buttons to represent the rain fall. I was not able to get to Perth so a fabulous quilt shop in Perth picked the fabric for me from some very simplistic instructions. The final quilt was amazing it I say so myself. All the best as it is a fun project. Allison

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