Curiosity – Our 2018 Challenge theme

At November sewing day and evening, the 2018 Challenge quilts were revealed for the first time. The theme was “Curiosity/A Curiosity” and there were many varied interpretations and styles on show among 24 quilts. Each member present had the opportunity to vote for their favourite quilt. The criteria for voting were most imaginative interpretation of the theme or patchwork/quilting technique.
The winner will be announced at the Christmas party in December and a certificate and small prize will be awarded to the quilter.
The Challenge Quilts will travel around the state to interested groups and will feature at QuiltWest 2019. If your quilting or sewing group is interested in borrowing the quilts for a few days, please contact the Challenge Coordinator at to arrange a convenient time.
curiosity 7
curiosity 8
curiosity 9
This is just a small selection of the quilts that were entered into this years challenge,  my thanks to Natalia & Meg Cowey for the photos provided.  I look forward to chatting to the winner, who will be named at December sewing day/ night and running a feature post on you.  Thanks to everyone who participated in our challenge.
If you photo was not included here, and you would like it to be then please forward it to me and I will add to this post.  I am sure everyone who reads our blog, would also love to see your entry and hear more about it.
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