Introducing Pat Forster


This photo was taken at a very fun place to visit in Lucerne—all sorts of mirrors that made the body etc look unusual.

I have had the privilege recently of meeting Pat, a very interesting person with quilts to match!

Pat is the new co-editor of Quilters Quarterly , she lives in Perth and is passionate about quilting.

Have you always been creative?

I come from a  family of leisure-time craftspeople: mother an expert knitter who made me wear hand-knitted cardigans to school which I didn’t appreciate; father a wood- turner/carver and cabinet maker; sister an expert leather worker. 

Your first foray into the quilting world”?

A cot quilt for my daughter


Have you won any quilt awards? Locally, nationally, international?

I have won local and national awards and had quilts juried into international exhibitions. Recently, the quilt below was awarded Best Exhibit in Patchwork Quilting at the Perth Royal show, and a quilt called Fish Feeding Frenzy has been juried into Quilt National 19. I got very excited when I learnt that!

pat 2

What is the best part of patchwork/quilting that you enjoy?

The friends I have made!

Perth born and raised??

No, born in New Zealand, home of the long white cloud.

Are your family supportive of all your creativity?

My family are very supportive. I sew in the kitchen, not on the kitchen table, but people do have to dodge pins on the floor. My daughter and granddaughter take a keen interest in the latest creations.

Favourite quilting/sewing tool you can’t live without.

SHARP scissors.  I was given some made by Fiskars and they are brilliant.

Follow patterns or like making and designing your own things?

Occasionally I follow a pattern to use up fabric for a community quilt or whatever. Generally I make up mathematical-based designs. You can see some of them at .  I also like the challenge of working to a theme which is what we do in the WA Inspired Art Quilters group

How much has quilting changed for you over the years?

A lot! I put much more effort into creating something different, and into quilting. Here is an example called Granny’s Twisted Garden.


Your number 1 tip for quilters?

 Unpick as soon as you realise you have made a mistake, however small.

Do you have a “fabric/ribbon/buttons/thread  stash”?

 I have quite number of green, grey, and Aboriginal designed fabrics but tend to buy fabric as I need it. I have a very good supply of thread, sorted into colours and types.

Do you prefer working on bigger quilts or pieces or smaller items?

 I like both. My favourite make this year was small map quilt showing places along the Swan River that used to have Noongar names. The quilt is now owned by Freshwater Bay Museum.


Which of your quilts are your favourites?

I have several favourites. One is a small piece I made for an AQC ‘Lest we Forget’ Challenge. Another is ‘Colours of the Aboriginal Flag’.


Is there anything else you would like to say to our readers?

 For me, the most important thing about patchwork/quilting is to enjoy it. Being in various groups means I do that.

Thank you so much Pat, for sharing a little bit about yourself with our readers.

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  1. Megan Byrne says:

    I love this series of articles Lorraine. Thank you.

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