Bazaar Bargains & Show & Tell



Our September sewing day and nights, were well attended and we hope you managed to pick up a bargain or two. Lots of goodies,  from home made passionfruit curd to chutneys, fabric, sewing keepers, wool,  there was something for everyone, and I know our community quilters were delighted with the turn out.

A big thank you to all who helped out with the Bazaar and of course to all who came along.  There were also some wonderful quilts shown at Show & Tell .

Again it is not always possible for our photographers, to get the names of the people who made the quilts at Sewing day and night, but I am always more than happy to let the world know about you and your quilt, pictured below, if you want to contact me at or you may simply like to leave a comment.  Enjoy these beautiful creations.




Mum and Daughter team, I think Mum made this quilt


and I think her daughter made this quilt!




This quilt was made at a Kerry Moore workshop, check out all those great points!






Lesley showing some quilts from the Hostess group, “Afrayd Knots”


Friendship quilt



Quilt made from a Claire Turpin design.

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