Bazaar Bargains


September is bazaar month at WAQA. 

It’s a time when members bring out their treasures and craft to share and sell.  For Community Quilts it signals the main fundraiser of the year.  Donated fabrics not suited to quilt making ($5 a kg) and other items are sold off to raise funds to buy wadding.  Wadding is the program’s main expense.

Also for sale are surplus patchwork fabrics for $10 a kg.  One kilogram is about 6-7 metres of fabric depending on fabric quality.  Look forward to catching up with members next Tuesday day and Wednesday evening.

Please bring along your money, as it is cash sales only! 

 A big shout out to all members and people in our community,  who have been generous in donating items to WAQA for our Bazaar sale.


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